LinkedIn Ad Specs: Your Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ad Sizes

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that allows you to connect with potential employers, customers, and other businesses like yours — just by having a profile.

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But LinkedIn isn’t just useful for its stellar professional networking capabilities through connections. Did you know that you can also create LinkedIn ads to appeal to your target audience? You can!

However, if you want to find success with LinkedIn ads, it’s crucial to follow LinkedIn ad specs.

On this page, we’ll cover the different kinds of LinkedIn ads and LinkedIn ad specs for each.

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Kinds of LinkedIn ads

Regardless of what kind of LinkedIn ads you choose, you should always follow LinkedIn ad spec best practices. But before we talk about LinkedIn ad sizes, let’s talk about the kinds of ads you can use on the platform.

Display ads

There are four different variations of LinkedIn display ads: medium rectangle, skyscraper, leaderboard, and text link.

  1. Medium rectangle display ads: Appear on home pages, profile pages, group pages, and company pages. These ads always appear above the fold.

  2. display ad

  3. Skyscraper ads: Appear in inboxes and messages pages.

  4. skyscraper ad


  5. Leaderboard ads: Appear at the bottom of a page.

  6. leaderboard ad


  7. Text links: Appear at the top of a page across the platform.

  8. text link

The primary purpose of display ads is to, most importantly, drive leads, but you’ll also reap the added benefit of increasing brand awareness as well since they show up in different locations across the platform.

Sponsored content ads

Sponsored content ads appear natively in users’ LinkedIn feeds. With sponsored content ads, you can advertise to users outside your follower list — meaning you have the potential to increase not only your followers but your brand awareness as well.

You can use images, text, or video in a sponsored content ad.

sponsored content

Sponsored InMail

InMail is LinkedIn’s proprietary messaging system that operates directly within the platform. Sponsored InMail ads appear in users’ inboxes and are like sponsored content ads in the way that you can target users who aren’t following you.

Sponsored InMail ads are most often used for:

  1. Initiating conversations with potential leads
  2. Offering a special product
  3. Promoting an event or webinar

in mail ad

Text ads

LinkedIn text ads appear at the top of pages and to the right of your LinkedIn feed on a desktop. These ads are great for boosting interest in a product or service and can help raise brand awareness. You’ll likely also see increased leads from these ads, too!

text ad

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads effortlessly target specific users by using their information to deliver personalized ads. They show up on the right-hand side of user feeds, and there are three different formats:

  1. Follow company ads: Follow ads are specifically useful for encouraging your target audience to follow your page. They are especially good at increasing brand awareness.

  2. follow

  3. Content ads: Content ads encourage users to download your content, and overall, help you generate leads.
  4. Spotlight ads: Spotlight ads immediately direct you to a landing page or website that features the product, service, or event mentioned or shown in the ad.

  5. spotlight ad

Now that you know all about the different kinds of LinkedIn ads out there, let’s get down to business and talk about LinkedIn ad specs.

LinkedIn ad specs for every ad format

Whether you’re interested in LinkedIn text ad specs or LinkedIn display ad specs, we’ve got all the numbers right here for you.

LinkedIn display ad specs

Since there is more than one kind of LinkedIn display ad specs to share, we’ll go through each individually.

Rectangle display ad specs:
Size: 300x250 pixels
File type: HTML5 – third-party served GIF, JPG, PNG
Image size: If HTML5: 200KB, If other: 40KB
Animation limit: 15 seconds for auto-play, otherwise, 30 seconds
Skyscraper display ad specs:
Size: 160x600 pixels
File type: HTML5 – third-party served GIF, JPG, PNG
Image size: If HTML5: 200KB, If other: 40KB
Animation limit: 15 seconds for auto-play, otherwise, 30 seconds
Leaderboard display ad specs:
Size: 728x90 pixels
File type: HTML5 – third-party served GIF, JPG, PNG
Image size: If HTML5: 200KB, If other: 40KB
Animation limit: 15 seconds for auto-play, otherwise, 30 seconds

LinkedIn sponsored ad specs

Now, let’s talk about the perfect LinkedIn sponsored ad specs!

Sponsored image ad specs:
Size: 1200x627 pixels
Ratio: 1.91:1 ratio
Image upload maximum: 5MB
Image format: JPEG, GIF, PNG
Intro text: 150 characters before truncation
Headline: 70 characters
Sponsored video ad specs:
Length: 3 seconds to 3 minutes
Layout: 7KB to 200MB
File size: 7KB to 200MB
File format: MP4
Frame rate: Less than 30 FPS
360p pixel requirements: 480x360, wide: 640x360
480p pixel requirements: 640x480
720p pixel requirements: 960x720, wide: 1280x720
1080 pixel requirements: 1440x1080, wide: 1920x1080
Audio format: AAC or MPEG4
Audio size: Less than 64KHz

LinkedIn sponsored InMail ad specs

If you fail to get your InMail ad specs right, users won’t see your ad correctly in their inbox. Keep reading to learn more!

InMail ad specs:
Size: 300x250 pixels
File size: JPEG, GIF, PNG
Max file size: 40KB
Text: 1000 character maximum

LinkedIn text ad specs

Keep reading to learn more about LinkedIn text ad specs!

Text ad specs
Size of optional image: 100x100 pixels
Headline: 25 characters or less
Description: 75 characters or less

LinkedIn dynamic ad specs

Finally, let’s take a look at LinkedIn ad specs for dynamic ads.

Follow company ads:
Minimum logo size: 100x100 pixels
CTA below images: 50 characters max
Secondary CTA: 70 characters max
Company name: Max 25 characters

Content ads:

Contact your LinkedIn account manager for more info about content ads.

Spotlight ads:
Minimum logo size: 100x100 pixels
CTA below images: 50 characters max
Secondary CTA: 70 characters max
Background image: 300x250 pixels

WebFX follows LinkedIn ad specs for the most effective ads

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Not only that, but we’ll A/B test your ads, monitor them, and report back to you about their success.

For ads that aren’t performing the way they should, we’ll make recommendations and implement the necessary changes to ensure that they’re back on track as soon as possible.

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