Amazon Remarketing Ads: The Best Way to Retarget Amazon Users and Earn More Conversions

Did you know that visitors who are retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to convert? Retargeted ads are an effective way for you to reach out to people you know are interested in your products and get them to convert. With dozens of people browsing your products through Amazon, it’s a great opportunity for you to use Amazon retargeting to earn more conversions for your business.

On this page, we’ll discuss how to retarget your audience through Amazon. If you need help with your Amazon remarketing ads, call our ad agency for Amazon today at 888-601-5359 or contact us online to speak with a strategist.

What is Amazon retargeting?

Have you ever browsed products on Amazon and saw ads for those same products a few days later? If so, you’ve experienced Amazon retargeting. These are ads that target people who previously interacted with your products or brand.

Retargeted Amazon ads only focus on people who visit your listings or purchased from you in the past. These are the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

Previously, the only way to advertise to Amazon customers outside of Amazon was through their Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). AAP is Amazon’s demand-side platform that allows you to reach interested leads through third-party sites.

With AAP, you can only target Amazon customers through third-party sites connected to Amazon, like IMDb. Since IMDb is a site owned by Amazon, Amazon can place ads on it to reach your target audience.

AAP allows you to create desktop and mobile display ads, mobile banners ads, mobile interstitial ads, and video ads. You can segment your audience and do actions like device browser targeting. It’s a great way to build brand and product awareness.

The biggest problem with AAP is that it limits the scope of people you can reach through advertising. You will only be able to reach people that visit Amazon’s third-party sites. This limits your capabilities and causes you to miss out on an opportunity for your business to reach more leads.

This is where Facebook picks up the slack.

Using Facebook for Amazon retargeting

Facebook is a great alternative to AAP. This social networking site allows you to target people who are similar to your Amazon customers. You can’t specifically target people’s Facebook profiles, but you can use demographic information to target people who fit in your Amazon audience.

This demographic information comes from your Amazon data. You can get basic information about your audience and implement it into your advertising campaign. This helps you direct interested leads to your product pages.

Why should I use Amazon remarketing ads?

Retargeted ads are a fantastic opportunity for your business to grow. When people shop online, they aren’t always ready to convert right away. By using retargeted ads, you get your audience to think about buying your products again.

When they see your ad, they will consider purchasing your products. It is often the final nudge your audience needs to convert.

Retargeted ads help you earn conversions you may not have earned otherwise. It’s a great way to keep your products on your audience’s mind and get them to think about purchasing.

These ads are great for your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS). Retargeted ads are very cost-effective and have a good return for your business. It keeps your ACoS low and allows you to make a better profit for your business.

3 Amazon remarketing tips

If you’re ready to start retargeting Amazon users, here’s how you can do it.

1. Add a conversion pixel to your site

A conversion pixel is what you use to track your audience. This helps you understand who to target your ads towards. You will reach more people that are interested in your business.

When you use pixels, you must include a privacy policy that covers different aspects of using pixels. First, you must tell your audience how pixels are used on your site. You want your audience to be comfortable with you pulling certain information about them when they visit your site.

It’s important to let them know that you won’t be documenting private information. These tracking pixels don’t take names or credit card numbers. Instead, they focus on information like gender, age, and other demographics.

In addition, you must inform your audience that a third-party site may use these pixels to show them tailored ads. Whether it’s through Facebook or another site, you must let your audience know how the pixels work.

You’ll also want to inform them of their opportunity to opt-out. If users don’t want you to have their information, you must inform them of the opt-out option.

When you add pixels to your site, it’s crucial that you emphasize that pixels don’t take personally identifiable information. It won’t track people’s names, email address, phone numbers, or any similar information. People are often hesitant about pixel tracking because they believe it will take important information, so you must inform them that you do not.

As an added note, you cannot use pixels to find sensitive personal information. This includes things like financials and medical information. For instance, drugmakers can’t find out people’s medical conditions to show them advertisements for their medications.

By using a conversion pixel, you’ll help your business grow. More people will look at your products or reconsider buying them. It helps you earn conversions and continue to grow your business.

2. Use Facebook’s Custom Audience

If you’re using Facebook to reach leads through remarketed ads, you’ll want to take advantage of their Custom Audience feature. This feature makes it easy for you to reach people that are interested in your business.

You’ll start by creating a normal Facebook ad. You set up the advertisement how you want it and then go into the Custom Audience section. In this section, you have the option to create your own unique audience to target.

Amazon doesn’t give you a large amount of details about your audience, but you do get enough data to know who to target. You can take your audience information from Amazon and upload it to your customer database on Facebook.

With this information, Facebook will match the data with its users. It will help you create an audience of people who fit different characteristics of your customer database.

It isn’t a perfect tool, but it helps you reach valuable leads that are interested in your business. You’ll help your business create an audience that is interested in your Amazon products. From that point, you’ll use Facebook ads to drive those leads back to your Amazon listing and get them to purchase.

3. Create strong ad copy

Your remarketed ad is only effective if you create compelling copy. You can run dozens of remarketed ads, but if the ad isn’t interesting, your audience won’t act on it.

First, you’ll want to use a picture that is familiar to your audience. You can pull the product photo from your Amazon product listing and use that. It helps your audience easily recognize the product and remember what it is.

Next, optimize your title on the ad. You’ll want to include your product title, so your audience knows what it is if they can’t tell from the photo.

You can also include other interesting information like the star rating for the product. If your product already has many units sold with positive feedback, the stars in your ad may convince your audience to check out the product again – and maybe read some raving reviews!

Also ensure that you include a call to action (CTA) on your landing page. This will guide users to your Amazon product listing, where they can purchase the product. Your CTA should tell your audience exactly what happens if they click on the button.

By creating strong ad copy, you’ll entice more people to click on your ad and considering purchasing your Amazon products.

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