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How to Use AI for Email Marketing to Drive More Revenue

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What is AI for email marketing?

AI for email marketing involves using artificial intelligence software to manage and enhance email marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into every crevice of the Internet to help people and businesses work more efficiently. One area seeing a rapid uptick in AI usage is marketing. More companies are harnessing the power of this advanced technology to improve their marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is one of those strategies that can use AI to make better campaigns and improve processes. So if you want to learn how to use AI for email marketing, you’ve come to the right place!

On this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know about email artificial intelligence, including:

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What is AI for email marketing?

AI for email marketing involves using artificial intelligence software to manage and enhance email marketing campaigns. This machine-learning software helps companies optimize strategies, automate campaigns, and create email content.

Why should I use AI in email marketing?

Email artificial intelligence offers numerous benefits to your business. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to use AI-powered email marketing:

  1. It saves time: The biggest draw of AI in email marketing is that it saves time. AI can automate mundane tasks that would take your team hours to complete. It saves your team time and frees them up to work on pressing marketing tasks that need human input.
  2. It improves email marketing results: A crucial component of successful marketing is gathering and analyzing data. AI programs can analyze your data faster and more accurately, enabling you to gain more powerful insight to power your marketing and improve results.
  3. It increases revenue: Using email artificial intelligence enables you to understand your audience better, so you can deliver better marketing materials to them. As a result, you drive more sales and increase your business’s revenue.

These are just a few benefits of investing in AI for email marketing.

How to use AI for email marketing

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of email marketing AI, let’s dive into how to use AI for email marketing. Here are seven ways to use email marketing AI:

  1. Generate compelling email subject lines
  2. Manage your contact list
  3. Analyze your data to uncover new insights
  4. Craft personalized content
  5. Clean out your email list
  6. Make product recommendations
  7. Process customer feedback

Let’s dive in:

1. Generate compelling email subject lines

If you want to know how to use AI for email marketing, start by using it to generate compelling email subject lines. Your subject line plays a crucial role in determining if people open your emails ­­–– 47% of subscribers open emails based on the subject.

Using a generative AI tool like Microsoft Bing AI can help you create creative email subject lines. You can input the focus on your email into the generative AI tool and let it generate subject line ideas for you.

Bing AI generating a email subject lines on a cookware sale

Using AI for email marketing can help you generate more subject line ideas and save you time from having to come up with ideas on your own.

2. Manage your contact list

Another use for email artificial intelligence is managing your contacts list.

Obtaining and maintaining subscribers is a crucial component to the success of your email marketing strategy. You can use AI to help you better maintain your subscriber list and deliver improved results with your marketing.

AI-powered email marketing can help you segment your contact list. Since everyone has different interests in your business, it’s important to group subscribers to deliver information most relevant to them. Email tools that use AI can automatically process subscriber data to segment them appropriately.

You can also use email artificial intelligence to enrich your subscriber information. Tools like Nutshell can fill in the gaps by automatically scouring the web for subscriber information and filling in the gaps to create richer contact profiles.

3. Analyze your data to uncover new insights

When you run email marketing campaigns, you must track your campaigns’ performance and analyze them to see how you improve. This task is often time-consuming –– but it doesn’t have to be if you use AI in email marketing.

AI tools can process millions of data points within seconds and uncover insights about your subscribers. You can learn what emails work, what calls to action (CTAs) drive engagement, and what subject lines drive subscribers to open emails.

Email artificial intelligence tools can analyze your data faster and provide insights to help you optimize your campaigns and improve revenue.

4. Craft personalized content

Another way to use AI for email marketing is to craft personalized content for your audience. Sometimes coming up with the right line or details about your promotion is difficult. AI tools can help you get the juices flowing and generate ideas.

There are two options for using AI for email marketing.

One option is to ask a generative AI tool to generate an email on products you want to promote and see what it creates. While you might not use the ideas word for word, it can spark inspiration for content to put in your email.

In this example, we asked Bing AI to generate an email about 50% off iPhone cases:

Bing AI generating an email about 50% off iPhone cases

Bing AI generated a thorough and compelling email for buying phone cases. It offers some great lines within the text that work for targeting people interested in iPhone phone cases. You could pull those lines to use within your email campaign.

Highlighted passages from an email generated by Bing AI

The second option is to use an AI assistant to help you write your emails as you create them. Tools like Lavender offer AI assistants that help you write emails in real time. homepage

Keep in mind that using AI-powered email marketing will require some tweaking on your end. Not everything AI tools generate will fit your business, so you must thoroughly analyze what these tools produce and adjust.

5. Clean out your email list

People will subscribe to your emails, but their engagement with your company may drop off. Since you want to know how to use AI for email marketing, let’s talk about how it can help you clean out your email list.

Many email tools with AI can help you clean up your email list to ensure you’re only sending emails to people who want to hear from you. These AI tools can help you remove incorrect emails, non-responsive subscribers, and more.

Not only does it help you maintain a list of active subscribers, but it also helps you reduce spending waste by no longer sending emails to people uninterested in what you offer.

6. Make product recommendations

Another use case for AI in email marketing is to make product recommendations. One of the most challenging tasks is turning first-time customers into loyal customers. Making product recommendations is one way to keep customers coming back and buying from your company.

AI tools can help you recommend the right products to the right people. You can use AI to analyze past customer purchases and interests to generate a list of relevant products for those subscribers. Then you can promote those products to these subscribers to increase sales and revenue.

Email artificial intelligence can help you take the guesswork out of product recommendations.

7. Process customer feedback

To wrap up this list of ways to use AI for email marketing, let’s talk about customer feedback. Getting feedback from your customers is crucial for improving your business. And the place where you typically ask for feedback? Email.

To help you get more from your feedback, you can use AI to comb through subscribers’ responses and uncover insights. AI tools can help you do everything from creating questions for your survey to grouping responses and uncovering insights.

Using AI helps you spend less time processing feedback and more time implementing the suggestions you get from feedback.

FAQ about AI-powered email marketing

Still have questions about email artificial intelligence? Check out this FAQ section!

Will/Can AI replace email marketers?

No, but it does work well as a supplemental tool to help with email marketing tasks.

A big question surrounding every application of AI is whether it will replace marketers. Using AI in email marketing shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement, but rather, a tool.

AI isn’t perfect, which means it won’t always generate exactly what you need every time. It may require some tweaking and alterations to get it right for your business. You still need to have a trained email marketing professional to manage your campaigns and ensure your emails fit your business.

Additionally, AI can’t generate email content with emotion –– only humans can do that. Considering that emotional connection is a crucial part of your marketing’s success, you’ll still need the human touch to get your email content right.

So, no, AI can’t replace and won’t replace email marketers. It will, however, take over tedious tasks that email marketers did previously, which will free them up for other pressing tasks.

Should I use free or paid AI tools for email marketing?

It depends upon what tasks you want to delegate to AI and your budget. Free tools can only help with small AI tasks, while paid tools can complete larger AI tasks.

For tasks like contact list segmentation and help with writing emails, you’ll need to invest in a paid tool to help you do those tasks. Most free tools can help with idea generation.

If you’re looking to make AI an integral part of your email campaigns, you’ll want to invest in a paid tool that offers all the bells and whistles. But if you’re only looking to occasionally use AI to help out with email campaigns, a free tool should suffice.

How does using AI for email marketing impact my campaigns?

Email artificial intelligence can have a significant impact on businesses that use it. When using AI, you can:

  • Better personalize your emails
  • Organize and manage emails seamlessly
  • Create email content faster
  • Find the optimal time to send emails
  • Minimize human error

Get help with AI-powered email marketing from the experts

If you want your email strategy to stay competitive in 2024, you’ll want to start using AI to optimize your campaigns. But diving into the world of AI can feel overwhelming –– if you need a guide, the team at WebFX can help you navigate AI.

We offer AI solutions that help you turbocharge your marketing to skyrocket revenue and grow your business. We’ll help you use AI to improve your campaigns, from email marketing to search engine optimization (SEO).

Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist and learn how we can help you use AI to power your marketing strategies!

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