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Types of Pinterest Ads: 5 Pinterest Ad Types to Know

Did you know that 90% of Pinterest users say Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase?

Did you also know that we have a video on how Pinterest ads work?

Pinterest is an excellent platform for helping you put your products in front of people who want them most. By running Pinterest ads, you can increase exposure for your brand, drive more leads, and earn more revenue for your business.

On this page, we’ll cover the five types of Pinterest ads you can run and provide you with four tips on how to advertise on Pinterest. Keep reading to learn more!

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5 types of Pinterest ads you can run

If you want to advertise on Pinterest, you must know what types of ads you can create to attract prospects.

Here are five Pinterest ad options for your company:

1. Promoted Pin

First on our list of Pinterest ad types is Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins appear in users’ feeds like a regular Pin, except they have a “promoted” tag attached to them.


Promoted pin for Halloween from Walmart


When you run Promoted Pins ads, you’ll boost your Pin’s exposure and reach people most interested in what you offer.

These Pins behave like any other content you post on the platform. If someone comes across your Promoted Pin, they can Pin it to their boards, share them with friends, and leave comments.

Since people can Pin these posts to their boards and share them with friends, you can increase exposure for your business and help get your products in front of an even wider audience.

If you’re looking to advertise on Pinterest and increase brand exposure, Promoted Pins are a great option to start.

2. Promoted Carousel

Another great option to use when looking at Pinterest ad types is Promoted Carousel. This format is one of the Pinterest ad options where you can have more than one photo –– carousel ads include two to five images.


Halloween ad in carousel format from Party City


These ads also appear like regular Pins, except they have dots along the bottom to indicate multiple photos in a Pin.


Party City carousel ad that shows the dots at the bottom of the ad


With Promoted Carousel ads, each card on the slide can feature a unique image, title, description, and landing page. It makes it easy for you to promote multiple similar products in one place, so people can see all you offer.

Additionally, you can also use each card to promote a different feature of the same product.

It’s an excellent way for you to help Pinners get an inside look at your product and see all the best parts of it.

3. Promoted Video Pins

Another option for your business to advertise on Pinterest is to use Promoted Video Pins. The only difference between this ad option and the others is that the multimedia used is a video.


Video ad on Pinterest for 1-800 Contacts


Video Pins are an excellent way for you to catch your audience’s attention in their home feed and search results on Pinterest.

When users come across your Promoted Video Pins, the ads will automatically start playing once they’re halfway into the user’s view.

Pinterest Promoted Video ads don’t have sound, so you need to catch your audience’s attention and get the point across with just your video.

When you create Pinterest video ads, you have two format options:

  • Standard: A standard-sized Promoted Video Pin is the size of a typical Pin you see in your feed.
  • Max Width: With the Max Width option, your Pinterest video Pin is the width of two Pins in a feed.

Most businesses will use the standard-sized Promoted Video Pin to promote their products.

If you’re looking for a great way to catch your audience’s attention and build brand awareness with your ads, Promoted Video Pins are a great option.

4. Promoted App Pins

Another one of the Pinterest ad types you can use is Promoted App Pins. As the name suggests, you can use these pins to promote your business’s app.

Considering that 85% of Pinterest usage comes from mobile devices, it’s an excellent opportunity to promote your app to people already browsing on mobile.

With this ad type, you set up a Pin that links to your app in the app store. When users click the Pin, it takes them directly to your app’s listing in the device’s app store and invites them to download it.

5. Buyable Pins

The last of the types of Pinterest ads we’ll talk about is Buyable Pins. These Pins enable people to shop straight from the Pins you post.

On these posts, users will see white dots highlighting different products in your Pin picture. They can then click on these dots and visit your page where you have the product listing.

It makes it easy for people to “shop the look” you have in your Pins.

This option is one of the best Pinterest ad options because it helps you increase sales and revenue for your company.


Buyable Pin that features little white dots to indicate users can buy those products


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How to advertise on Pinterest successfully

Now that you know the different types of Pinterest ads, it’s time to start advertising on this platform! To help you launch a successful strategy, take a look at these four tips to set yourself up for success:

1. Install the Pinterest tag

Before you even start selecting the perfect visual to advertise on Pinterest, install the Pinterest tag. The Pinterest tag enables you to track actions people take on your website after clicking on your ad.

You can track multiple actions, including:

You also have the option to set up a custom action you want to track, like people joining an email list or completing a form.

By setting up the Pinterest tag, you can better understand what people do after clicking on your ad to help improve your ad campaigns.

2. Try different Pinterest ad types

As you can see by the list above, there are five different types of ads you can run to catch your audience’s attention and get them to engage with your ad content. If you want your ad campaign to succeed, try out different types of Pinterest ads.

You may find some ads drive better results for your business than others. For example, a Promoted Video Pin may see a higher click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate than your Promoted Pins.

By trying different ad formats, you can figure out what works best for your campaigns so that you can maximize your results from advertising on Pinterest.

3. Try targeting interests

If you want to know how to advertise on Pinterest successfully, try targeting interests with your ads. Targeting interests enables you to have your ads appear in relevant search results and reach the right people.

With this targeting option, you can attach keywords to your ads to help your ads appear for those searches. For example, if you were advertising ribbon, you might target keywords like “ribbon crafts” or “ribbon wreath DIY.”

By targeting specific keywords, you can improve your reach and CTR by reaching the right people with your ads.

4. Make your ads eye-catching

The last of our tips on how to advertise on Pinterest focuses on creating eye-catching ads. Pinterest is a highly visual platform with a sea of photos and videos. You need to try and make your ads eye-catching so that users will notice them in their feed.

One way to accomplish this goal is to use high-quality visuals.

A high-quality photo that’s clear and crisp will stand out to your audience more than a grainy, low-resolution photo.

You’ll also consider what kind of visual you use. You may need to experiment and see what types of visuals catch your audience’s attention most, whether it’s photos with people, animals, or objects.

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