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Are you looking to boost traffic on your telehealth website and earn more patients? If so, it’s time to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO for telehealth enables you to appear in more search results, so more patients can find your practice and learn about your services.

On this page, we’ll share what you can expect with SEO services for telehealth and how WebFX, as your SEO company, can help your organization achieve its goals, like attracting more patients.

Keep reading to learn more and give us a call today at 888-601-5359 (or contact us online) to speak with a strategist about our SEO plans!

What to expect from SEO services for telehealth

When you invest in SEO for telehealth companies, you want to know what you can expect to get with your investment.

If you partner with WebFX, here’s what you can expect to get from our SEO services:

Keyword research and optimization

When you invest in SEO services for telehealth, you’ll get keyword research and optimization.

Keywords play an integral role in helping you appear before interested patients.

Patients use keywords to find telehealth services, so it’s crucial to optimize your website for those key terms. With SEO for telehealth, you’ll get keyword research and integration.

As your telehealth SEO expert, we’ll conduct keyword research to find relevant terms and phrases.

We’ll discover and target relevant long-tail keywords, which contain three or more words so that you can reach more interested patients. Long-tail keywords drive more credible leads since the keywords are precise.

As your SEO company, we’ll help you discover keywords for your telehealth practice and integrate them into your site so you can rank in relevant search results.

Title tag and meta description optimization

When users conduct a search and see your listing in the search results, the first two elements they see are the title tag and meta description. If you want to drive more clicks and get people to check out your telehealth services, you need to optimize your title tag and meta description.

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At WebFX, we’ll help you create title tags and meta descriptions that generate more clicks and visitors.

We’ll develop title tags that seamlessly integrate your keywords and entice users to click on your listing. Our telehealth SEO services will enable you to craft informative meta descriptions that provide valuable information while integrating critical key terms.

Robots.txt optimization

Your robots.txt file plays an integral role in helping Google crawl your site. To help you appear in search results related to telehealth, Google needs to crawl and index your pages so it can rank them in the search results.

Your robots.txt file tells search engines which pages it can and can’t request. It prevents your site from getting overloaded with too many requests.

When you partner with WebFX, we’ll optimize your robots.txt file so search engine crawlers can crawl and index your site easily.

Mobile site optimization

As a telehealth practice, you rely heavily on people using your website to learn about your practice, contact your team, and more. Since your website is such a pivotal component of your telemedicine SEO strategy, it must deliver the best experience for all visitors.

Mobile site optimization is critical to delivering the best user experience for your audience. With this strategy, you ensure that you provide a great mobile experience for patients.

With our telehealth SEO services, we’ll optimize your site for mobile devices. We’ll help you adopt responsive design, which will make your website look great across all devices.

Competitor monitoring

When you’re trying to rank in search results related to telehealth, you’ll find that other practices are competing for rankings in the same searches. It’s essential to keep tabs on these competitors so you know what they’re doing and how you can outrank them.

When you partner with WebFX, we’ll help you keep tabs on your competition. We’ll track your competition’s rankings, website, and content to help you stay on top of them. Our team will use that information to help you develop an impactful SEO strategy.

Content creation

A significant portion of SEO is content.

If you want your telemedicine practice to appear in search results, you need to create content to help you rank in different search results. From blogging to creating videos, you have multiple strategies you can use to reach leads.

At WebFX, we’ll develop, create, and publish industry-related content that drives more patients to your page and gets them to check out your practice. We’ll help you generate topics, write blog posts, and optimize them for search engines.

Page speed optimization

To rank in search results, you need to have a site that loads fast. Google wants to share websites that provide the best user experience, and slow sites don’t provide a great experience. Users want information quickly, so you need to have a fast website.

When you invest in SEO for telehealth companies, you’ll improve your site’s load time so users can access information faster.

At WebFX, we’ll take care of everything to improve your site’s load time. From cleaning up code to compressing image file sizes, our page speed optimization services help get your site loading quickly for your telehealth patients.

Google Analytics setup and tracking

When you invest time and money into digital marketing, you want to know that it’s working and driving valuable results for your business. With SEO, you can use Google Analytics to track your rankings and page performance.

If you don’t have experience with Google Analytics, don’t worry!

When you partner with WebFX, we’ll help you get your Google Analytics account set up and running. Additionally, we’ll help you track important metrics, like traffic and conversions, so you can understand your SEO campaign’s return on investment (ROI) better.

Independent research from Clutch has named WebFX the

top SEO company in the United States.

Clutch has personally interviewed more than 250 WebFX clients to discuss their experience partnering with us.

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Why choose WebFX as your telehealth SEO company

To get your telemedicine practice in front of more patients, you must invest in SEO for telehealth services. Since you’re busy running your practice, though, you may not have the time to run an effective SEO strategy. As a result, you need to rely on experts to develop and manage your plan for you.

If you want to find qualified experts to run your SEO campaign, look no further than WebFX.

Keep reading to learn why WebFX should be your telehealth SEO company!

1. We provide transparency

Take a moment and think about the last product you researched to determine if you wanted to buy it.

Did you get enough information from the product listing and reviews to decide?

If you answered yes, it probably made you feel confident about the purchase because you had valuable information, like pricing and dimensions, to decide.

If you answered no, you probably hesitated and second-guessed whether you wanted to purchase because you didn’t feel like you had enough information.

Even though these responses have two different outcomes, one thing is true: Having important information about a product or service helps you feel more confident in your decision.

That’s why, at WebFX, we provide you with all the information you need to decide.

We publish our SEO packages and prices online, which makes it easy for you to know what you’re getting and how much you’ll invest. Our packages lay out your SEO plan and what you’ll get based on your selection.

With us, what you see is what you get — we’ll never leave you in the dark about our telehealth SEO services.

2. We have a team of experts

People trust your knowledge and expertise when it comes to medical matters.

So, why wouldn’t you rely on SEO experts to run your campaign?

At WebFX, we have a team of over 500 SEO experts that work on SEO campaigns day in and day out. With more than twenty years of experience, we know how to create SEO campaigns that help our clients grow their businesses online.

When you partner with WebFX for your telehealth SEO services, you’ll get a team of experts working on your campaign.

3. We have experience driving success with SEO

When you’re looking to invest in SEO for telehealth, you don’t want to choose just any SEO agency.

You want to partner with an SEO company that has a proven track record of success.

At WebFX, we know how to drive results for our clients. In addition to 1,100+ client testimonials, we have an extensive portfolio that speaks to the results we drive for our clients. Not to mention, we have a client retention rate of 91% because our clients love the results we drive for them.

Here’s a glimpse at how we’ve helped our clients achieve success with SEO:

  1. Cleveland Brothers, a heavy equipment dealer, saw an 82% increase in organic traffic after investing in SEO services from WebFX.
  2. Ocean City New Jersey, the seashore community, saw an 87% increase in organic traffic and a 41% increase in time spent on page after working with our SEO experts.
  3. Maine Lobster Now, an online seafood delivery company, saw a 100% increase in revenue year-over-year after partnering with us.

As you can see, we know how to help our clients thrive online. Now the question is: Are you ready to help your telemedicine practice thrive online? If you answered yes, give us a call today at 888-601-5359 to learn how WebFX can create an SEO campaign that helps you flourish online!

4. We customize your telehealth SEO package to your practice’s needs

Your telehealth practice is unique. From your philosophy to your services, you have something unique to offer to your patients. You can’t just have any old SEO plan.

You need a custom SEO plan tailored to your practice. With WebFX, that’s just what you’ll get.

We’ll customize and tailor your SEO plan to fit your practice’s unique needs. Our team will develop a strategy that works best for your practice and target audience so you can drive the best results.

Want to speak with an expert? Call us at 888-601-5359

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Partner with a telehealth SEO company you can trust

Just like your patients want a healthcare provider they can trust, you want an SEO company you can trust to drive results for your telemedicine practice.

Reach and help more patients by investing in our SEO services. When you partner with WebFX, we’ll build an SEO strategy that enables more patients to get quality care from your facility.

If you’re ready to work with an SEO company that will help you grow online, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our SEO services.

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