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Lead Generation Explained

Lead generation is the process of acquiring new customers through Internet marketing.

Lead generation is a detailed and complex process, but it’s essential for your company to get the customers you need to grow.

Without lead generation, both B2B and B2C companies need a steady supply of leads to survive, and Internet marketing is the most cost-effective way to get them.

But how do lead generation and Internet marketing intersect?

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Generating leads with your website

The simplest way to generate leads with your company’s website is to use form fields.

Form fields are areas of your page where customers can write in their name, phone number, and email address so that you can get in touch with them later.

Once someone fills out those fields, they’re considered a lead.

It’s up to you to contact them to further learn what they want from your company and eventually close a deal that’ll turn them into paying customer.

While this is an important landmark for lead generation, the process of obtaining a new lead starts far before this point. And after you get someone’s contact information, you still need to nurture that lead to turn them into a paying customer.

But we’ll take this one step at a time.

Let’s look at how you can obtain that lead in the first place.

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Acquiring a new lead online

Earning new leads through Internet marketing has to start somewhere.

That starting point can be virtually any Internet marketing strategy — social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), or many other options, as long as they drive traffic to relevant pages on your site.

These pages should discuss topics related to your industry in great detail so you can show visitors that your company is a knowledgeable authority on subjects related to your services.

You should cover lots of different information from different angles. You can even use site content to address common questions or concerns that you hear from leads you’ve already generated from previous marketing campaigns.

For example, a dental practice looking to attract leads may use its website to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about certain procedures. They could cover questions related to the recovery time, as well as procedure costs, to help potential patients.

The more quality information you provide, the more likely you’ll be to generate leads on your site.

Use visual content with your text as well. Images, videos, and interactive elements are great ways to engage your potential customers and make sure they have a great experience on your website.

Finally, add a link to your dedicated contact page or have form fields on the page itself so you can get the contact information of your readers.

Altogether, this produces content that makes your visitors want to convert, all within minutes of finding your site. It’s a compact and streamlined strategy that can pay dividends for years on end.

You can also promote lead generating content through the strategies we’ve mentioned before.

Optimizing pages for search engines will make them rank better in search engine results.

Taking out PPC ads will make them show up on the channels of your choice, like Google, Bing, or Facebook.

You can also promote site pages on your social media accounts to get traffic from your Facebook and Twitter followers, too.

Or, if you’d like, you can do all three!

Then, you can find new topics and repeat the same process. Every page you add to your site is another opportunity to earn a new lead!

Nurturing your new lead

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After you’ve earned a new lead from one of your pages, it’s time to nurture that lead into a paying customer.

This process takes place both online and offline. But you can at least start it online by using an email drip campaign.

Email drip campaigns are part of email marketing. They involve you sending pre-written messages to new leads to peak their interest in your business and entice them to become new customers.

You can do that by providing them with customer testimonials, pricing information, photos of your past work, or even profiles about your best employees.

Regardless of what you choose, the emails you send should strengthen your relationship with your new lead. That’ll make them feel more comfortable with your business as a whole, which will then make it easier for them to become a customer.

Nurturing leads may sound like an extra step in the customer acquisition process, but it’s essential. Despite the fact that new leads reach out to you, many of them aren’t prepared to actually become a customer for some time after contacting you.

This is especially true for any business that requires high initial payments or monthly subscription fees. Those prices are often intimidating for new leads, especially if they’ve never worked with your industry before.

The best way to help them is to give them as much information as possible and remind them to contact you when they can.

When they do, you can have a production conversation with them, figure out what they want, and convince them to become a customer.

But no matter how you do it, this all starts with creating content on your company’s website.

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