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Every credit union depends on revenue from the members who use their services. As a credit union market, you work hard to spread the word about your institution to existing members and prospects. In either case, converting these individuals into leads is essential. 

WebFX helps credit unions market their services in ways that generate leads and eventually drive them toward transactions. This page will cover how your credit union can boost its digital lead generation strategy. For more information, call 888-601-5359 to speak with an FXer today! 

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of targeting prospects and turning them into customers. However, a lead differs from the average internet user who comes across your site. A lead is an individual who has interacted with your marketing channels and expressed interest in your services. 

Leads and current customers may find that you offer what they need to reach their financial goals. For credit unions, leads are the current and prospective members who contact you about opening an account, taking out a loan, opening a line of credit, or using another one of your services. Existing members may be interested in utilizing another one of your services. 

The lead generation process 

To generate a lead, you need to captivate individuals in your credit union’s target audience enough that they take their next step toward becoming customers. This process occurs over a few steps:

  • Establish a target audience: Consider the groups most likely to choose each of your services. Knowing your target audience or audiences will help you craft lead-generating marketing campaigns. 
  • Create landing pages: Build a website and direct leads toward certain pages. Your landing pages have a call to action (CTA) that encourages them to provide contact information or complete a desired action. 
  • Produce and distribute marketing materials: Create engaging content that directs viewers to your landing pages. The content can cover various levels of the sales funnel so that you’re building awareness, facilitating evaluation, and driving conversions. 
  • Organize your findings: Build lead segments based on the channels that brought the leads in, the services they’re interested in, and the amount of attention they need to become a customer. Lead segments will help you improve your generation and nurturing processes. 

Lead generation strategies

So, you know your target audience, and you have landing pages ready to gather the information that converts viewers into leads. Your next step is discovering and implementing lead generation strategies that drive revenue growth. 

Here are some of the best online lead generation strategies your credit union can implement. 


Users search “credit union” between 118,000 and 300,000 times every month. Is your institution one that they see? 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that makes your website more visible to those using Google and other search engines by pushing it to the top of the page. 

SEO involves tactics like keyword optimization and user experience (UX) design that prove to Google that your site has the information users and presents it intuitively. It takes time, but consistent SEO implementation can make your site Google’s go-to when users search for credit unions in their area. 

Content marketing

People need time to learn the available options before they borrow money or take out a line of credit. Your institution can aid them in the consideration process by offering top-of-the-funnel content that answers their questions. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is the process or creating blogs, videos, infographics, and other media. The content informs readers about a topic relevant to your business. Meanwhile, the viewer becomes more familiar with your organization and may be more likely to choose you when they’re closer to a purchase. 

Your credit union can generate leads through content that covers useful topics — savings strategies for first-time home buyers, perhaps. This organic lead generation strategy is three times more effective than traditional marketing techniques. 

Social media marketing

Social media sites are excellent lead generation avenues. Around 72% of adults in the United States use at least one social media service, and there are various ways you can target them while they’re online. 

Use your social media pages to push your content marketing material to new audiences organically and through paid social media ads. You can also nurture existing leads on social media through positive interactions in the comments section. You can also mix direct CTAs into your social media feed on occasion. 

PPC advertising

Paid advertising is a viable approach to lead generation. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the most cost-effective way to garner paid traffic. 

In a PPC campaign, you’ll pay for your website to appear like a standard Google listing at the top of the page. PPC ads can also occur as banners on third-party sites. Rather than paying a flat rate, you’ll establish an amount you’ll pay every time someone clicks your ad. 

PPC ads are cost-effective because they target specific keywords that Google users include when looking for specific information. Your site will automatically appear higher than others, making it more likely to attract a viewer who’s 50% more likely to convert than an organic viewer. 

Determine the financial questions the members of your target audience ask at every phase of the buyer’s journey. Advertise your informative blog on types of loans to those still learning about borrowing options. Target others ready to choose a specific type of credit union with advertisements for your page that describes that type of loan. 

Email marketing

Once someone joins your credit union or becomes a lead, you can keep them engaged with your brand through an email marketing campaign. Email marketing nurtures leads before and after they become credit union members. These emails should speak to the reader’s particular interests and needs as you determine them when building lead segments. 

Send out personalized emails that tell leads how you can help them. Reach out to existing members to convert them back into leads by advertising additional services or special offers. Remember — a personalized CTA is 202% more effective than a generic request. 

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Build your lead network with WebFX

Generating more leads will boost your credit union’s revenue by ushering more eager and qualified borrowers to your sales associates. 

WebFX can equip you with the resources and tools you need to roll out an effective lead generation strategy. You can check out our lead generation services for more information or contact us online to talk about how your credit union can benefit from generating more leads.  

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