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Learn About the Best Geofencing Companies

Geofencing is a marketing process that constructs a digital boundary around a certain area to limit advertisements to local prospects. Geofencing uses tools like GPS to define the ideal geographic region for an advertiser or marketer. 

Handling geofencing on your own can be intimidating. That’s why we’ve gathered the top geofencing agencies across the world — to simplify your search and help you get on track for success. 

Check out our list of geofencing marketing companies below!

How to find your marketing agency

Top Geofencing Agencies

As geofencing becomes more of a staple marketing service, you can find companies in your country or area to help you target local prospects. Below is our list of the top geofencing marketing companies across the world!


Location: Harrisburg, PA

Number of employees: 250–999


Pricing: $550 a month, plus about $1000–$3600+ in monthly ad spend

dNovo Group

Location: Vaughan, Canada

Number of employees: 10–49


Pricing: $5000 minimum, $100–$149 per hour


Location: Nashville, TN

Number of employees: 10–49


Pricing: $1000 minimum


Location: Dnipro, Ukraine

Number of employees: 50–249


Pricing: $5000 minimum, $50–$99 per hour


Location: United Kingdom

Number of employees: N/A

Case studies: 

Pricing: Upon request


Location: Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

Number of employees: N/A


Pricing: Upon request

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

Partner with WebFX — the top geofencing company around

While there are plenty of geofencing companies out there, WebFX drives results that set us apart from the competition. If you want geofencing services that will help you find and convert your local audience, look no further.

Our team has helped generate $6,021,182,299+ for our clients and 7,839,684 leads. We work with your goals and budget to create a custom-designed plan for your business. We also have locations in Guatemala and South Africa, as well as hubs across the world.

Want to learn more? Request a quote today to see what your custom geofencing plan will look like!