3 Expert Strategies for Growing Enterprise Software Leads

Lead generation for software companies is an important topic, and we have some techniques for how to do it.

Businesses, schools, clubs, charities, and other organizations could all potentially be interested in your enterprise software.

In an ideal world, you could send them a letter or email explaining how your product could benefit them, and then they would make the purchase.

Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than that. Your software company's lead generation techniques need to include reaching the right people, engaging them at the correct time, and enticing them with expert strategies.

Securing great software leads online involves so much more than creating blogs and maintaining social media accounts. You have to get a deep understanding of your potential customers’ needs, then you have to initiate a point of contact.

Your marketing efforts will succeed much more often if you use effective lead generation for enterprise software.

Not sure what that looks like? Here are some of our favorite lead generation strategies.

How to generate software leads for your enterprise company

1. Offer something valuable for free

Whether it’s an ebook or another download of high-authority content, offering people something they need for free is a great lead generation technique and starts you off on the right foot.

Generosity speaks volumes for the character of your business, and sharing your knowledge and other valuable information positions your business as an industry leader.

When people appreciate and value what you offer for free, it will build trust. And excellent leads are born from a relationship that is built on trust.

Not sure what to offer? Consider any of the following:

  1. Newsletters. In a newsletter, you should try to give companies information that they can’t get anywhere else. This will save them time and show them that you’re an authority in your industry. Add news and other helpful information to the newsletter, ask people to sign up for it on your website, and send it straight to their inboxes!
  2. Webinars. The greatest thing about the Internet is that it allows you to reach thousands of people at one time. An online lecture — also known as a webinar — is a low cost way to build trust with your potential customers. Record one and host it on your site for viewing or download. 
  3. Ebooks. Informative, high-quality content secures worthwhile leads. Publish an ebook on a topic that’s important to your audience, and then ask then for an email address in exchange for the download. This will solidify a line of communication with the new lead, and you can send them newsletters as well.
  4. Infographics. Use an infographic to display important facts and statistics. This easy-to-digest format will keep readers’ attention while providing them with relevant information. People also like to share them with one another so you can build brand awareness as well.

These ideas are all great ways to start your lead generation strategy, but let’s look at some other options too.

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2. Opt for interactive content

Your website should have a blog that you update regularly. You should also publish how-to guides and other informative content that explains key concepts about your software to potential buyers. This is a good answer to how to generate software leads for your company.

But readers are constantly faced with that type of content, so they become easily fatigued and overwhelmed.

Adding interactive elements to your content can make pique their interest and make them stay on your site longer.

Not sure how to add interactive content to your marketing plan? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Interactive infographic. We already discussed the benefits of infographics, so you can imagine how interactive infographics would be even more beneficial. You can spark a two-way conversation between you and your possible leads by collecting information about their needs and then using that information to provide them more of what they want.
  2. Interactive white papers. An interactive white paper presents key questions, information, or tools in one convenient area. It can include assessments, calculators, video, and other elements to engage your users.

Now, let’s take a look at another major lead generation strategy — email marketing.

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3. Engage in email marketing

If you don’t already use email marketing, you should start.

Collect email addresses from people interested in learning more about your enterprise software right on your site. Those people are your software's leads, and when you can contact them directly, you can effectively turn them into new customers.

When someone opts into hearing from you, it means they’re interested in your product and services. It’s crucial that you respond to them in a way that further entices them to learn more about your enterprise software.

However, not everyone who opts into your emails will be interested in learning about the same thing, and they won’t all be at the same level in your sales funnel.

It’s on you to evaluate where each lead is located in the sales funnel so you can best appeal to them. Your emails should be as targeted as possible, and the more you target, the better results you’ll see.

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