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You’ve reached the end of our guide! Thanks for sticking with us! We hope you’ve learned a great deal about content marketing, and are ready to start your own program.

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Before we leave you, we’d like to offer you some tools and resources you can refer to and use while planning, launching, and measuring your own content marketing program. These helpful resources will give you everything you need to find success with your content online… except, of course, the content itself. That’s up to you!

The resources below have been sorted into four sections:

  1. Content marketing resources—Additional guides and articles that will help you learn and improve your content marketing
  2. Promotional resources—Guides and resources to help you promote your content and attract new visitors
  3. Content tools—Online tools that will help you create and improve your content
  4. Measurement tools—A collection of tools, some of which have already been linked in this guide, to help you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing

Happy browsing, and good luck with your content marketing!

Content Marketing Resources

The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business Blog — If you want to use a blog for your content marketing, this in-depth guide will show you how to set one up and publish your first few posts

Blog Post Checklist — A free, downloadable checklist to improve your blog posts from start to finish

Developing a Content Strategy — Content Marketing Institute’s collection of articles designed to help you build your strategy from the ground up so you have a solid platform to start from

Copyblogger eBooks — Copyblogger’s free series of content marketing eBooks designed to educate you on building an audience via content marketing

Epic Content Marketing — Written by the founder of Content Marketing Institute, a book on content marketing you can read to learn the ins and outs of creating content that is truly epic

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing — Quicksprout’s advanced guide to content creation and promotion is a great follow-up to this guide

Promotional Resources

The Basics of SEO for Successful Content Marketing — If you’re new to SEO and content marketing, get the basics of how to optimize your content for customer searches in this helpful CMI post

7 Keys to Great SEO for Content Marketing — Apply these seven valuable search engine optimization tips to your content to give it a better chance at exposure in search engines

How to Promote Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media — Detailed tips and resources to help you decide where to promote your content marketing effectively

31 Ways to Promote Blog Posts — If you’re using a blog for your content marketing, these tips will help you promote it for maximum exposure and search engine traffic

Content Tools

Google Keyword Planner — Research keywords and their competition levels using Google’s free tool

KeywordsFX — Suggests keyword ideas based on Google searches — Get hundreds of keyword ideas using real Google searches

Editorial Blogging Calendar and Schedule — This free template from our blog will help you manage your content, promote it, and even get new ideas for future pieces

Canva — Create your own graphics to accompany your content in pre-set sizes perfect for social media

Stock Photos — This list of stock photo sources from our blog will help you find free photos perfect for your next post, guide, or piece of content

Measurement Tools

Google Analytics — Google’s free tool for measuring on-site page metrics, visitors, goals, and conversions

Ahrefs — Find incoming links to your content, as well as the number of social media shares

Open Site Explorer — Find just-discovered links to your content… and opportunities to gain more

BuzzSumo — Find out who is sharing your content, and where, in real-time

If you’d like to suggest an addition to these resources, feel free to contact us via the email address or on Twitter as listed above, and we’ll take a look to see if it’s a good fit.

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