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Yoga studios have unique marketing needs. You want to reach new clients and keep current ones updated with information about your studio. You want to highlight what’s different about your company, but also let people know they can count on the peaceful, meaningful experience that comes with all types of yoga. Most of all, you want to reach out to the people who want to find a yoga studio.

But how do you do all of this? And, most importantly, how do you stand out in a competitive marketplace?

The best place to start is with an effective Internet marketing plan. Call 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about digital marketing services from WebFX, or keep reading for a few tips you can use to start reaching more of your audience online.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is used to describe any advertising efforts done online. This includes dozens of different strategies, including:

  1. Content marketing. This refers to publishing content to attract potential clients. Content marketing refers to website copy, articles, blogs, white papers, eBooks, infographics, case studies, and more that offer readers information on topics that they want to know, establishing you as a trusted authority as they get the answers to their questions.
  2. Social media. Platforms for social media marketing include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and more.
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO). This term refers to the techniques and strategies used to achieve high rankings in search engine results pages.
  4. Pay per click (PPC). This type of advertising directs web traffic to a website through paid ads in search engines or social media platforms.
  5. Email. Email marketing targets people who have opted into email listings by sending them automated, personalized deals, information, and more.
  6. Video marketing. Businesses use video marketing to creating short, informational videos that can answer questions, address issues, and more. YouTube is by far the most popular video-sharing platform.

Strategic Internet marketing for yoga studios will ensure you have a web presence that establishes you as an authority in your field. As you post relevant, high-quality content, people in your community will turn to you for information and trust you to share it with them.

To start your Internet marketing campaign, you need a firm grasp on the basics, including:

Creating a beautiful website

When people land on your website, you want to be sure they experience an accurate reflection of your studio. Your audience wants to easily find specific information about all aspects of your business, like your address, classes, instructors, and hours of operation.

To draw customers to your business, you can use a couple of web design tactics for the best results, including:

  1. A peaceful color scheme. People turn to yoga for a variety of reasons, but they usually want to experience inner peace and alleviate the stress of everyday life. Your website should provide a calming effect to visitors, not scare them away with harsh colors or a confusing layout.
  2. Important information about your studio. Site visitors also want to know what services they can expect at your studio. Do you offer Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, or your own variety?
  3. High-quality images. Poor graphics won’t do anything for your business. High-quality, high-resolution images, however, will leave a lasting impression on your website visitors.
  4. A blog. Maintaining an active blog will serve you—and your potential clients—well. As you post relevant and interesting content, people will continue to frequent your website.

Maintaining an active presence on social media

Digital marketing for yoga studios also involves social media. Connecting with people who care about yoga will bring more attention to the classes you offer at your studio. Some of the most popular social media platforms include:

  1. Facebook. Creating a Facebook business page will allow the other people on the platform to follow your studio. In doing so, they will stay updated with your lasted postings. As you post more frequently and more people like your page, your reach and online visibility grow.
  2. Pinterest. It’s smart for any yoga studios to create pinboards on Pinterest. This way, you can inform your followers using high-quality images or quick, digestible text that they’ll enjoy.
  3. Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, and your followers will appreciate seeing pictures of classes, events, behind-the-scenes operations, and more.

These three are the most relevant social media platforms for yoga. You can also look into other options like Twitter and YouTube, and all of them have the potential to increase visibility and awareness of your business.

Providing high-quality content for free

You can offer content to site visitors via blogs, press releases, or specialized pages that answer frequently asked questions. Offering high-quality content for free will build trust with your audience while showing readers that you know what you’re talking about. As more people look to you as an industry authority, your reach and customer base will grow together.

You can start engaging your audience with several content strategies, including:

  1. Blogs. Write quick blogs about industry news, your own experiences with yoga, healthy living tips, and other relevant information.
  2. How-to videos. Yoga is challenging, and it’s likely you teach clients with varied skill levels. Sharing helpful how-to videos can build trust with your audience while establishing you as a yoga authority.
  3. eBooks. Yoga is a diverse discipline, and there is a lot of information available to share. eBooks can address a lot of that information in one convenient text file. They can be about breathing, mindfulness, or even the history of different yoga genres.
  4. Articles. There is plenty of scientific evidence and research about the many benefits of yoga. Creating articles that detail this information for your audience is beneficial to you and your clients.
  5. Interviews. Your experiences with other people in the industry serve as an opportunity to share helpful information with others. If you have the opportunity to attend a seminar or speak with an industry authority, consider an interview to post and share with your audience. It doesn’t have to be a formal encounter, and most people are eager to share their knowledge and experiences.

Tracking your progress


It’s important to use the right tools to track your progress online. Part of a successful Internet marketing for yoga studios is finding out what you can about the people who frequent your website or interact with you on social media. You should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What search terms bring people to my website?
  2. When do people leave my website?
  3. What other websites do they visit?
  4. Is my site traffic increasing or decreasing over time?

Using a variety of tools like Google Analytics, you can stay on top of changes to webmaster guidelines, track site metrics, and identify errors possibly contributing to higher bounce rates.

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If you’re ready to engage in successful Internet marketing for your yoga studio, remember that consistency and quality are key to making progress and getting the results you seek. If you’re strapped for time already, you can outsource your Internet marketing for excellent results.

WebFX employs a team of talented Internet marketers that have experience in getting results for businesses in every field. Our SEO experts, designers, developers, and more will fill out your site with all the necessary bells and whistles to make sure you can stand out in a competitive field. And we promise — you’ll like the results.

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