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If you run a yoga studio, attendance matters. Your website is the first thing many potential customers see. Professional web design for yoga studios can make all the difference, whether you’re trying to attract new students or keep current students engaged.

We’ve gathered 14 can’t-miss elements for designing your yoga website to ensure it’s as welcoming and inviting as possible. For more marketing information, subscribe to WebFX’s marketing newsletter, Revenue Weekly.

14 elements all yoga studio websites should include

If you plan to launch a website for your yoga studio or want to improve your current one, keep these 14 design elements in mind.

1. Visual appeal

Yoga studios are more than just a place to practice yoga — they’re a community hub. You need a site with visual appeal to connect with others who share your passion.

The visual appeal of your website is essential for two reasons:

  • Your website dictates the impression visitors have of your brand. Since 94% of first impressions derive from your site’s design, choosing elements that accurately reflects your company and what it offers is essential. Ideally, your yoga website should look sleek, modern, and professional so people who visit it can trust you as an authority on yoga.
  • Visual appeal indicates high functionality. The better your site functions, the more likely people will stay and interact with the content you’ve provided. Potential clients should be able to sign up for classes or purchase merchandise with minimal effort and without getting lost in a sea of links or buttons.

2. Search functionality

Your website is your best marketing tool, so it should be as easy to use as possible. An intuitive search function will help users find what they want, whether that’s a class schedule, testimonials and reviews, or information about your studio and teaching style.

If you want to take your yoga studio’s marketing to the next level, you can integrate your search bar into your Google Analytics account to see exactly what people are looking for on your site. This information can help you decide what keywords to optimize, where to focus your resources, and more.

3. Email opt-in

When running a yoga studio, you should stay connected with past customers so they can follow along with your classes, products, and events. 

The best way to do this is through email opt-in forms. These forms allow your site visitors to subscribe for email updates and receive notifications when new events or discounts launch on your site. You can also use these forms to collect additional contact information from visitors, which you can use for future marketing purposes.

4. An About page

Your yoga studio’s About page is your chance to present yourself in the best light and let people know why they should come to your studio. When writing your About page, highlight your credentials and experience. You can also include other information you want potential clients to know about you, such as your mission statement or how long you’ve run your studio.

5. Relevant content

Yoga is about more than just the poses. It’s about connecting with yourself and your community in a way that builds trust and encourages engagement. A yoga blog can help you do all that while increasing traffic and brand awareness.

Blogs offer a great way to share information, tips, and tricks with your customers. You can even post health-related news articles from other sources to help keep clients up to date on the world of health and wellness.

6. Effective calls-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button, link, or other interactive element on a website that tells users what they should do next. Often considered one of the most critical parts of your website, CTAs tell visitors what to do with their time on your site.

You need to create effective CTAs if you want more people to take action and convert into studio clients. Do this by using clear, specific language and giving enough information about the next step in the process to ensure customers know how to proceed.

7. Pricing information

You need to have a clear pricing structure to get the most out of your yoga studio’s website. A good pricing structure will help your customers understand what they can expect when they work with you, and it will let them know that your services are a fair deal.

8. A class calendar

A class calendar gives attendees a resource to reference when they’re ready to sign up, making it easy to mark their calendars and plan ahead. An efficient class calendar will also help you manage your schedule and ensure you don’t overbook or leave empty slots open.

9. A booking system

Adding a booking system to your yoga website is a great way to improve your calendar’s functionality. Booking systems can schedule classes, manage appointments, and track client information. The process of adding a booking system is simple. You just need to choose the right plugin for your needs, install it on your website, and start taking bookings!

10. Testimonials

Testimonials make websites feel trustworthy while lending credibility to your studio.

When you add a testimonials section to your website, you allow potential customers to see what other people who have used your products or taken classes at your studio have to say. These online reviews show consumers how others feel about your business — and whether or not your studio is worth their time.

11. Online shopping

As your business grows, you may want a way to sell products online. Adding an e-commerce section will allow you to sell items like yoga mats and water bottles directly from your website. With this feature, you’ll be able to track sales and inventory levels and manage customer accounts from within the same dashboard as your other website features.

12. Contact information

Contact information lets people get in touch with you to book classes or ask questions. A clickable phone number on your site will also help with search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking.

13. Mobile-friendly design

If your website design isn’t mobile-friendly, your visitors might miss out on a lot of information. Many people access the web through mobile devices, and your site should reflect that.

Your website should load quickly to attract the attention of potential clients and increase engagement with current students. Since Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites, this design can also boost SEO for your yoga studio, as well as any pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns you have.

14. Social media links

When you add social media links to your website, you create another avenue for people to find you and interact with your brand. A website integrated with social media links allows studios to create a more consistent presence without worrying about updating multiple sites. With integration, your site’s reach will grow exponentially — and you’ll benefit from a social media marketing boost.

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