Google Plus Widget for Wordpress & Joomla

Looking to integrate your website with Google's social network, Google+? Then look no further!

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The Google Plus widget is an easy-to-use plugin that adds a Google+ profile badge anywhere on your Wordpress blog or Joomla website. This simple extension links to your Google+ profile and shows your users the number of followers in your circle as well as allowing them to add you to their Google+ circle.

The configuration settings are easy to use as well. Simply give your Google Plus extension a title along with your Google+ ID, hit save and you're done! You can customize the look and feel of the Google Plus Widget even further and optional include a Google +1 button and posts from your Google+ account.

Download and install this Google Plus plugin and in just seconds you'll be connected with other Google+ members!

To download a Google Plus widget for Wordpress click here. Then follow the below installation instructions:

  • Login to your WordPress site
  • Go to "Plugins -> Add New"
  • Click on the "Upload" link
  • Browse to where you downloaded the Google Plus Widget zip file and then click "Install Now"
  • Depending on your WordPress site configurations you may need to provide your FTP server credentials
  • Once the install has completed, Activate the plugin
  • Go to "Appearance -> Widgets"
  • Find the Google Plus Widget in your list of available widgets and drag it to where you would like it to appear on your site (NOTE: Google Plus Widget may be listed as "GoogleCard")
  • Provide a title for the plugin and your Google Plus ID, the click the "Save" button

To download a Google follow widget for Joomla click here. Then follow the below installation instructions:

  • Login to your Joomla site
  • Go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall
  • Browse to the location where you saved the Google Plus Widget module by using the Browse button associated with the "Upload Package File" section
  • After install, go to Extensions -> Module Manager and look for "Google Plus widget" in the list of available modules and simply enable it
  • Edit the module and replace the Google Plus ID with your own and customize any of the layout settings to your desire

That's it! Refresh your website and you should now see your very own Google Plus Widget being displayed. We will be working to add additional functionality and value to this plugin as quickly as possible.