Amazon Seller University: Learn How to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest ecommerce platform and one of the best online marketplaces for businesses. Selling on Amazon can bring you many opportunities, like reaching a broader audience and increasing your revenue. Want to learn more about Amazon marketing? Keep reading and check out the resources below!

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Amazon is competitive, so to be successful you need the right strategies, tools, and marketing services. Want to learn how to sell on Amazon? Check out some articles above, or keep reading to learn more about the basics, along with our answers to frequently asked questions.

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Why sell on Amazon?

Amazon is responsible for more than 40% of online sales, from products to services. It is the world’s biggest ecommerce platform, meaning it can help you increase your sales, brand awareness, and market dominance.

Here are some pros of using Amazon:

  1. Increase sales by reaching new customers.
  2. Reach new leads by reaching people missed through other marketing efforts.
  3. Improve checkout rates since people trust Amazon.

Who can sell on Amazon?

If you are wondering how to sell stuff on Amazon, then another question that has likely come up is “Who can sell on Amazon?”

Selling on Amazon is open to both individual sellers and professional sellers. You must adhere to Amazon’s requirements and restrictions when listing products and creating pages. If you are unable to do this, Amazon may close your account.

How to sell something on Amazon

If you want to try selling on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Create your Amazon account
  2. Choose your selling plan
  3. Add your payment and shipping information
  4. Upload your products
  5. Optimize your product listings
  6. Advertise your products
  7. Start selling

Depending on your selling plan, you can also create an Amazon Store, which can help establish your business as a brand. You can take advantage of services offered by Amazon too, like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to streamline order management and fulfillment.

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How to market products on Amazon

Here are a few strategies for marketing your products on Amazon:

Email marketing

Launching an Amazon email marketing campaign can help you reach target shoppers, build awareness, and encourage shoppers to purchase your products. Consumers spend 10 to 60 minutes a week looking at email and have a high interest in promotional emails.

A promotional email can include:

  • Sale highlights
  • New product launches
  • Exclusive coupons

You can use Amazon email marketing for more than just promotions. It can also support your content marketing strategy and Amazon sales funnel, while updating shoppers about your business.

Utilize the Q&A section

Adopting an active role in the questions and answers section can help secure sales while also marketing your product to other shoppers. Your responses will demonstrate to consumers that your company is active and involved with the community.

Try these tips when utilizing the Q&A section:

  • Adopt a brand voice
  • Check-in on a routine schedule
  • Make answers skimmable
  • Highlight unique selling points
  • Correct inaccurate answers

Schedule limited-time promotions

Limited-time promotions are a great way to earn exposure for your products. These promotions do not have to include discounted product prices. They could consist of freebies that encourage shoppers to buy and share your product within their social circles.

Here are some tips to help your products and promotions stand out:

  • Make a compelling offer
  • Leverage multiple marketing channels
  • Launch ads on Amazon
  • Motivate shoppers with a deadline
  • Create simple promotion codes
  • Take advantage of seasonal shopping


Got more questions about selling on Amazon? Check out this FAQ:

How much does selling on Amazon cost?

Amazon seller fees differ based on ten factors, including the seller’s account type.

Individual sellers pay $0.99 for every item sold, while Professional sellers pay $39.99 per month. Both account types pay a variable closing fee of $1.80 for every media item sold, plus a referral fee percentage, ranging from 6% to 96%, for every item sold.

When does Amazon pay sellers?

To be paid by Amazon, you must provide a valid bank account as the Deposit Method in the seller account settings. They are unable to make payments to credit cards or online payment systems such as PayPal.

Once that is set up, and you have a positive balance, Amazon will send the money to your bank account using an Automated Clearing House or electronic funds transfer. It can take up to five business days for the payment to appear in your account after Amazon initiates it.

What products can I sell on Amazon?

What you can sell on Amazon depends on the product, category, and brand. While some categories are open to all sellers, some require Professional seller accounts, approval to sell, or include products that third-party sellers cannot sell.

Refer to this guide for additional information, including product specifics.

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