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Web design is essential for most businesses, and medical device manufacturing companies are no exception. As a medical device supplier, you must design a website that meets the needs of several audiences, including investors, physicians, hospital administrators, and other health care professionals. 

This guide will teach you the benefits of a well-designed medical device website. You’ll also discover the top three ways to optimize your website for your target audiences and convert leads into customers. 

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The benefits of a well-designed medical device website

The benefits of a well-designed website are far-reaching. Some of the top advantages of intelligent web design include:

  • Positive first impression: Over 94% of first impressions come from your website’s design. First impressions have a lasting impact, so optimizing your website to meet your ideal customer’s expectations and needs is essential.
  • Improved credibility: Your website’s design demonstrates your company’s credibility. Legitimacy and trustworthiness are crucial for medical device manufacturers, as your products impact patient wellness. A professional-looking website is a must for earning your audience’s trust.
  • Better user experience: Did you know 89% of consumers will shop with a competitor after a poor user experience? A functional website improves user experience, leading to improved credibility and customer satisfaction — which results in more sales. 
  • Standing out from competitors: Your website’s design reflects your brand’s personality and makes you stand out. Colors, fonts, and media tell your brand story, helping you relate to and connect with your target audiences better.
  • Decreased bounce rate: Users want to find the information they need quickly. If they can’t find what they’re looking for on your pages, they might hit the back button and go to your competitor’s website instead. Getting individuals to spend more time on your website decreases this bounce rate, which also improves your website’s search engine optimization. 

The top three qualities of a well-designed medical device website

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of excellent web design, it’s important to know how to revamp or design your website for user intent. The top three ways to optimize your website’s design to meet diverse user needs include:

1. Mobile-friendliness

Your website should accommodate users on all kinds of devices. In particular, it should have an interactive interface or responsive design. 

A responsive website interface adapts to the screen size and orientation of the viewer’s device. This way, visitors have the same positive user experience on a smart device as they would on their desktop computer.

Over 52% of your website’s traffic will come from mobile devices, so a responsive website design is crucial. A responsive, mobile-friendly website also makes user interaction much easier, helping you reach diverse audiences — like the physician on a laptop or the nurse on a smartphone. 

Plus, 61% of mobile users said they’re more likely to get in touch with a business if its website is mobile-friendly — meaning a responsive website improves your conversion rate, which can increase your bottom line.

2. Easy navigation

An accessible, straightforward menu is essential for every website. It’s important to make each interaction with your website smooth to reduce your website bounce rate. Reducing your website’s bounce rate also improves your site’s authority and usefulness.

A website’s ease of navigation directly impacts lead generation and brand perception. If your user can’t find what they’re looking for within a few seconds, they might return to Google. The average mobile website visitor spends about 15 seconds on a website before deciding whether it meets their needs, so making a positive impact during this time frame is vital. 

You should also ensure your website’s navigation is simple. Create a primary menu that features the basic pages you need, and if you have subcategories, include these pages in a dropdown menu that appears when a visitor’s cursor hovers over the main menu option. This practice reduces confusion for new website visitors and keeps your menu clean and simple.

Be sure to include a search feature at the top of your page so that users can quickly search for a term. 

3. Fast loading speed

The average page load speed for websites that rank on Google’s search engine results pages is 1.65 seconds. Additionally, 80% of website visitors expect websites to load within three seconds or less, and 40% abandon sites if they take less than three seconds to load. Your website’s loading speed is critical to keeping your leads on your website and making sales. 

There are several techniques you can use to improve your website’s page speed. You can compress CSS, HTML, and Javascript files using a tool like GNU Gzip. You can also compress large image files with image compression tools like Kraken or WP Smush if you have a WordPress website. You’ll also want to practice limiting your 301 redirects because they trigger HTTP request-response cycles, which affect your page load speed. 

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Your medical device website’s design plays a critical role in earning your leads’ trust and converting them into customers. It must be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and quick-loading for an optimal user experience. 

When you need help taking your medical device website design up a notch, turn to WebFX. We’re a full-service digital marketing company with over 28 years of experience in designing modern, accessible websites for the health care industry. We’ll help you develop a beautiful, responsive website that converts leads to customers.

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