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If you’re looking to attract more families to your childcare center, creating and maintaining a website for your business is essential. Many parents turn to the Internet when searching for childcare options in their area, so you need to impress parents with your website to increase your enrollment rates.

This page will cover web design for childcare providers, including why web design matters and how you can create a site that converts, either on your own or with help from WebFX!

Keep reading to learn how to create a professional, eye-catching website for your childcare services!

Why web design is essential for childcare centers

Parents have high standards for childcare providers. They search for trustworthy businesses that can ensure the health and safety of their child, looking up websites and reviews online to find the best option before calling or meeting with providers in person. Since your website will often be the first encounter a family has with your business, you’ll want to ensure it makes a positive impression.

Effective childcare provider websites will help your business attract more customers. A clean, professional website will demonstrate your credibility and responsibility and reassure parents that their child is safe with you.

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How to incorporate web design for childcare providers

While having a website is an excellent start to finding more customers for your childcare center, you’ll want to go above and beyond to close the deal. A comprehensive, appealing site design will attract more parents and convince them to contact you.

Follow these eight tips to improve your web design!

1. Make it mobile friendly

Many parents with young children are constantly on the go and use their phones to find information and make decisions. Ensuring your website has a responsive design will give your visitors a positive experience on whatever device they use, whether it’s a desktop or a smartphone.

A responsive design organizes your website’s design elements to ensure information and images load properly on any device. Automatic loading and consistency will encourage visitors to stay and browse your site. Everyone will have the same experience on your site, regardless of their device.

2. Use professional photos

Investing in professional-looking photos will improve your brand image, helping parents develop greater trust in your services. You can display the cleanliness and safety of your center along with your children and staff’s happiness to show parents that their children will be well cared for when they come to your center:

photo example

Use real images of your center instead of stock photos, and be sure to get parental consent before posting any pictures of children. Videos will also elevate the look of your site, providing valuable insights into your services.

3. Create simple navigation

The easier it is to find information on your website, the more likely visitors will stay and browse. Simplify navigation by creating menus that contain links to essential information, such as programs, pricing, resources, and more:

navigation example 3

Any additional information you have that may be useful but not vital can fit into a footer, so it’s still within easy reach.

The time visitors stay on your website shows search engines how valuable you are, so the longer parents stay, the higher you’ll rank. Keeping details simple and organized also gives parents the convenience they need to build trust in your business.

4. Pay attention to details

The aesthetics of your website are vital to how long visitors stay on your site and how they evaluate your credibility. A few details to plan for include:

Font: Choose one or two fonts that are large and defined. While a fun style can be appealing, legibility should be your top priority.

Color scheme: Select two or three colors that complement one another. Colors should draw attention to essential aspects while still maintaining a sense of cohesion throughout the site.

White space: Scannable content encourages visitors to stay longer, so be sure to include plenty of white space throughout each page. Space out images, write small paragraphs, use bullet points and headings, and keep information simple.

5. Ensure quick load times

Longer load times lead to higher bounce rates, so you’ll want to ensure your website appears quickly to keep your visitors engaged. When you meet customer expectations, you build a sense of trust and credibility. A few ways to create quicker load times are to compress images and eliminate excess graphical elements on your home page.

6. Include clear contact information

The more convenient it is for parents to contact you, the more likely they’ll do so. Include a clear call to action (CTA) on every page of your website, whether you invite visitors to join an email list or provide a phone number to reach you.

Create a contact page with multiple ways to reach you, including your address, phone number, email, and social media accounts. Be conscious of the font and color of this information, ensuring it’s legible and eye-catching.

7. Optimize for search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to attract new leads and drive more traffic to your website. A few ways to optimize your website for search engines include:

Adding a business listing on Google

Writing explanatory meta descriptions

Using keywords naturally

Getting links to your website

Writing valuable content for your visitors

8. Write helpful content

Your website should comprehensively address parents’ concerns. The more useful your content, the more likely visitors will choose you over a competitor. Consider creating pages for specific topics, such as:



Safety and health


Values and curriculum




If you need help copywriting or putting your website together, working with WebFX can simplify the process. As a web design agency for childcare providers, we have the tools necessary to transform your website into an inviting source of information.

We’ll help you create a website that stands out.

“WebFX has been instrumental in helping us develop a new website, allowing us to be a leader in our industry.”

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Meet WebFX: A leading web design agency for childcare providers

Creating a beautiful and effective website for your childcare center is easy with WebFX. With 25+ years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools to help your website design stand out from the competition and drive more revenue for your business.

So far, we have launched 1,600 websites for our clients, including industries like education and childcare facilities. Our web design services make it easy to get the site you want without adding more work for your team.

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