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Your website is often the first thing people discover when looking for in-home care services. Whether it’s an individual searching for themselves or a family member looking for extra support for their loved one, your website serves as the first impression they’ll have of your company — so you want it to be a good one. 

With the web design for in-home care providers, you’ll increase the chances of attracting leads and turning them into clients. 

Learn more about in-home care web design below!

Nervous to design a website on your own? Give the experts at WebFX a call at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our web design services!

The basics of web design for in-home care providers: What to consider

When you create a website for your business, you want the right people to find and navigate it easily. Your focus should be building trust with your audience, encouraging them to reach out to you, and creating a frustration-free browsing experience. 

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when getting started with web design for in-home care providers:

  • What is your intent? Is your goal to raise awareness for your services or convert more leads? Having a clear goal in mind will help you create a detailed plan for how to get there.
  • Who is your target audience? Are you targeting only older adults, families with an aging relative, or a combination of both? Your target audience will determine the voice you use and the type of content you publish on your site.
  • How can you achieve your goals? What do you want to achieve with your website? Think about how you can design a website to reach your goals.
  • How can you communicate your brand? Web design for in-home care providers helps you communicate your facilities brand to your audience. Think about what elements you can implement to help prospects get a sense of who you are as an in-home care provider.
  • What information matters most? When designing your website, think about what pages you need to create and the information you need to share with your audience. 

Considering these questions as you create your website will ensure you build a site that helps your facility achieve its goals.

Why should an in-home care provider business have a website?

As an in-home care provider, your website is a powerful tool for helping people learn more about your business and the kinds of services you offer.

Whether you’re just getting started or your business has been around quite some time, having a website — and incorporating the right design elements — will provide you with several benefits:

  • Help increase leads: A key component of web design is optimizing your website for search engines. With search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, your pages will rank higher on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). You’ll build a much stronger online presence as more people will see your website, increasing the chances they’ll click and convert. 
  • Build trust: Having a professional web design helps you build trust. You deliver a professional website that details everything there is to know about your business, which builds people’s confidence in your company.
  • Make it easy for leads to get in touch: Your website visitors may have some questions or want to talk with you directly about your in-home services. Having a website that provides them with ways to get in touch with your business. Sharing your phone number, email, and address provides them with ways to contact you.

By investing in web design for in-home care providers, you’ll build trust with your audience that turns into new clients.

Web design for in-home care businesses: 5 must-have elements

There’s a lot that goes into creating a web design that helps attract and convert leads. When doing web design for in-home care providers, you want to include these five elements:

1. Informative header

One critical element of in-home care web design is having an informative header. Your header is the element people see at the top of your pages, no matter where they navigate. 

Gray, white, and blue header for Comfort Keepers

Your visitors want to quickly locate the information they need. Having a large header with well-organized and accessible menu items can help leads navigate your website with ease. Additionally, make sure your important contact information is in the header to ensure visitors always know how to contact you.

2. Skimmable page layouts

Another element you need to include when doing in-home care web design is skimmable page layouts. When people browse for information on your website, many of them skim to find what they need. As a result, you need a page layout that makes it easy for your audience to skim.

Comfort Keeper's page with pictures of people providing comfort services and details of those services below the pictures

A good skimmable website will integrate images and videos to help break-up text. Skimmable layouts also include small and short blocks of text instead of big paragraphs of text. These two elements will help to make your pages easy to digest and find the information your audience needs.

3. Brand-tied color scheme

Your color scheme will impact the overall feel of your website. As an in-home care provider, you want your website visitors to get a sense that your team is qualified and compassionate. Having a warm, mature color scheme helps you create that effect. 

You also must ensure your color scheme is consistent throughout your website to create continuity and, ultimately, build trust with your audience. 

4. Informative content

While the design elements are a crucial part of web design for in-home care providers, the content on your website is just as important. The information you provide to your audience helps them decide if you’re the right in-home care provider for them.

You want to do more than just list the in-home services you provide. Your content should grab people’s attention and make them interested in the services you offer. Your content must be informative and helpful for your audience.

High-quality content can also help your site rank higher. When you spend time conducting keyword research to target the right queries and creating content your audience wants, you’ll keep users on your site longer and increase the chances they’ll become your clients.

5. High-quality visuals

The last element you’ll want to include as part of your in-home care web design is high-quality visuals. Visuals, like photos and videos, help to break up text on your website and create a visually appealing look for your pages.

Choose visuals relevant to the content on your page. If you have a page about specialized care, for example, make sure the images or videos you use pertain to that information.

WebFX knows web design for in-home care providers

With so many different web design elements that go into creating a successful in-home care provider site, handling it alone can be overwhelming. At WebFX, our team of experts is here to bring everything together for you and publish a custom site that helps you reach your goals. 

Our web design services include: 

If you want to make sure your website gets leads who are interested in your in-home care provider services, WebFX can help. We have an award-winning design team that will walk you through the process and create a custom website that helps you achieve your visibility and revenue goals. 

With more than 28 years of experience, our team understands how to bring your website vision to life. Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to learn more about our web design services!

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