How Social Media Helps Insurance Agencies Grow

Social media is a critical part of any digital marketing plan. It gives you a great way to promote your business, you can regularly keep in touch with your customer base, and you can expand brand awareness at the click of a button.

With so many advantages in one marketing strategy, every insurance agency should use social media. 

Why social media matters

In a nutshell, social media is popular. Facebook has over a billion users, Twitter has just under a billion, LinkedIn connects millions of professionals, and Pinterest is growing faster than any other social network out there.

Basically, there’s guaranteed to be a couple people interested in your insurance agency already on these social networks. That means all you have to do is make a profile and communicate with them.

To do that, you just need to go to the social networks’ homepage and make an account. Then, fill out all your information as comprehensively as possible.

Your name, address, and phone number are especially important since that is the best way for you to generate leads from social media. If someone needs an insurance agency and they find that you’re near them, they might as well call to get a quote from you.

Next, photos of your insurance agency give your company a more human face. Instead of someone feeling like they’re talking to a corporation, they can start to feel like they’re talking to someone face-to-face, even when it’s through email.

Last, you need to build your social media presence. But that small sentence describes a lot of different ideas — so how do you do it?

How to build your social media profiles

After you have your account information filled out and all of your company images posted, it’s time to plan out your social media strategy.

The word “plan” is key to your success on social media, too. Looking forward, you should have a working schedule that lays out exactly what you’ll post and when you’ll do it.

Promote content on your site

When you’re posting to social media, you need to offer something that has substance.

That means adding a link to a new blog, a popular infographic, an informative video, or some other form of content. That’ll give your followers a reason to stay in touch with your company, and it can also help attract them to become customers.

Plus, this gives your followers a reason to comment on your social media profiles and talk to you directly. And when they talk to you, you can take that opportunity to engage them with additional comments, information, or content on your site so you can stay in touch.

Communicate with followers

You should also specify a time for members of your company to check your social media profiles for interaction. Interaction usually comes from customers responding to your posts or asking questions on your social media profiles.

If someone talks to you, you should respond. For people who are complimenting your post, a quick “Thank you!” really helps show that you’re engaged with your social media and that you appreciate positive feedback. For people who are poking holes in your posts, you can thank them for their comment and explain your reasoning. And for customer complaints, you can respond to them publicly or privately, depending on your preference.

Encourage followers to share posts

Along with communication, it’s also important that you urge your followers to share your posts with their followers.

This gives you a huge potential audience, especially if you have savvy people following your insurance agency. They can share your post to make sure their followers see it, and if their followers re-share it, you’ve exponentially grown your audience.

That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who sees your post is going to become a customer. But it does mean that you’re at least building brand awareness.

Unfortunately, brand awareness isn’t measureable, and this is where social media marketing can be like regular advertising. You don’t always control who sees your post, but they know your name, and that’s a step in the right direction.

Use paid ads for exceptional content

If you’ve created an infographic, video, or some other form of content that you really want to promote, you can do it with paid ads.

Every social network offers paid ads in some capacity. Unlike traditional marketing, social media ads are highly-targeted, affordable, and easy to use. That makes them one of the best ways to build traffic and brand awareness to your website.

Most social networks let you choose certain search terms that users can enter to discover your ad. Sometimes, you can also target users depending on what they’ve liked or followed on a certain social network. Regardless, you can be sure you’re showing your ad to people who already have an interest in insurance.

WebFX is a top-notch social media marketing agency

At WebFX, we have a whole team of social media marketing experts who know exactly what it takes to make your social media accounts pay off. They’re pros at scheduling and promoting content both with and without paid ads, and they can help you grow your business with minimal investment.

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