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Investing in web design for recreation companies is crucial for enticing people to visit your facilities. When someone discovers your recreation company, you want to make a positive first impression –– 94% of first impressions stem from web design.

On this page, we’ll cover seven tips for doing recreation web design successfully. Keep reading to learn more!

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7 tips for doing web design for recreation companies

There are multiple components that go into creating a successful website. Here are seven tips for creating the best website for your company:

1. Integrate responsive web design

One core component you need with recreation web design is responsive design.

Responsive web design allows users to access your website from all devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops all display websites differently, making it crucial to have a responsive design that can adapt to any screen.

With responsive web design, you allow your website to adapt to different devices and browsers, ensuring that the images, text, videos, and navigation bars will all appear as you intended. Using this process ensures you can communicate with audience members no matter how they find you.

2. Design an organized navigation

When you do web design for recreation companies, you need to have an organized navigation.

Website navigation is a major determiner of how long a user stays on your website, so your website needs a navigation bar designed for ease of use. A disorganized or difficult to use navigation will have people leaving your website and checking out a competitor instead.

The main navigation bar should be near the top of your page to make moving through different pages on your website easy for users. Your navigation should have broad category headings to make it easy for people to find the information they need.

Yellow and pink navigation bar on Urban Air's website

You’ll also want to incorporate a search bar into your navigation. Adding a search bar enables users to search the information they need, so they can find it fast.

Creating an organized navigation will help you create a better browsing experience for visitors, so they stay engaged and learn about your recreation company.

3. Include fun photos and videos

To see success with recreation web design, you need to incorporate visuals into your website.

No matter the type of recreation company you operate, you will want to include pictures and videos throughout your website. Post pictures of your facilities, equipment rentals, lessons, or anything else you offer. 

Images and videos of people rock climbing on a rock climbing company's website

For example, if you rent or sell camping equipment, you might post photographs of your product options. If possible, include video testimonials or a walkthrough of your recreational facilities. Showing a video of families enjoying an aquatic playground on a sunny summer day might pique a parent’s interest as they browse your site.

When you add visuals to your website, make sure you use high-quality and high-resolution images. Don’t use images or videos that are blurry, stretched, or grainy, as they can hurt the perceived trustworthiness of your recreation company.

Integrating visuals is a great way for you to create a more engaging and interesting website experience, while adding visual context to what you offer.

4. Create clickworthy call-to-action (CTA) buttons

When you have prospects on your website, you want them to complete specific actions, whether it’s filling out a form, contacting your business, or opting to book. That’s why integrating call to action (CTA) buttons is a key component of web design for recreation companies.

CTA buttons are critical for moving prospects toward conversion. These buttons help you communicate the action you want prospects to take.

Neon pink call to action button against a bright yellow background

People who have stuck around on your page want to know what they should do next. CTA buttons make the desired action clear and easy to take. The buttons should adhere to your overall color scheme and font choices to promote cohesiveness.

Your CTA should be targeted at getting your audience to do something. Encourage them to:

  • Contact you
  • Sign up for your email newsletters or promotions
  • Book a rental or event
  • Check out your blog
  • See the events calendar

You can make a CTA button for any target action. The button should be highly visible and prominently placed on the page to help capture the audience’s attention. 

5. Incorporate accessible website elements

One of the key components of recreation web design is accessibility. Not everyone who accesses your website can use it as is –– some people need accommodations to properly use your website. Many people use screen readers and other assistive technologies to browse on the web.

Website accessibility comes in multiple forms for web design. Practices to remember include:

  • Including alt text for images
  • Adding captions to videos
  • Using contrasting colors
  • Choosing an appropriate text size
  • Using a legible font (no fancy fonts)
  • Writing for content readability

To ensure you meet accessibility criteria, you can check your content with accessibility auditing tools.

6. Choose your color scheme

A key component of web design for recreation companies is choosing your color scheme. Your color scheme is an important part of your branding –– it’s often what helps people recognize you. That’s why it’s important to choose a color scheme that fits your unique recreation facility.

You want to try to keep your website’s color scheme to four colors or fewer to keep it feeling cohesive rather than chaotic. Using too many colors can make your website feel busy or overwhelming. Generally, you’ll choose a main color, one to two accent colors, and a text color.

By setting a unique color scheme for your web design, you’ll help ensure you create a custom look for your recreation center.

7. Focus on improving the user experience

The last tip we’ll cover on recreation web design is focusing on the user experience. If you want people to visit your website and remain on it, you need to provide your audience with the best experience. User experience (UX) design is critical for keeping prospects engaged on your website.

So, how do you create a website that provides the best user experience?

Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Break up content into paragraphs of 2-3 lines for easy skimming
  • Ensure your website load time is fast
  • Add interactive elements, like videos, to engage visitors
  • Utilize white space to keep prospects from getting overwhelmed

By focusing on the user experience, you’ll create a better online experience for prospects who visit your website.

WebFX knows web design for recreation companies

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