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Your window and door website is your primary digital touchpoint to interact with potential customers. When someone visits your website, you want them to get an indication of the value you’ll provide, and ultimately, you want to urge them to convert.

To accomplish these goals, you’ll need a solid web design. But what does web design for window and door companies entail?

On this page, you’ll find:

Keep reading to learn how to elevate your site! Or, if you’d like to partner with a web design agency with experience in the home services industry, check out our web design services!

Window and door website examples

One of the best ways to learn about web design for window and door companies is to check out businesses with solid websites. Learn how these examples leverage robust web design to inspire your strategy!


Marvin homepage

Marvin’s website is first on the list of window and door website inspiration for its crisp, clean design. The homepage doesn’t include excessive, unnecessary information, and the navigation menu stays simple. Too many options on the main menu could leave visitors overwhelmed and unsure where to go.

Additionally, the design in the page’s center shows off Marvin’s aesthetically pleasing windows for visitors as soon as they enter the site. The buttons near this image make it easy for users to quickly navigate to the product they want to find — windows or doors.

Also, note the statement Marvin includes above these navigation buttons. The phrasing showcases one of their unique selling propositions (USPs), “built for how you live.”

Andersen Window

Andersen Windows and Doors homepage

Andersen Window’s website also includes an excellent example of a user-friendly navigation menu. While Marvin’s main menu stands out for its simplicity, Andersen Window’s menu stands out for its intuitive categories. The menu choices align with what visitors will look for when they come to the site.

The header also features a call-to-action (CTA), so users can always find contact information for Andersen Windows wherever they are on the site.

Window World

Window World's contact form

Beyond the homepage, Window World’s website features a simple, clean contact form users can fill out if they have questions. The page tells the users where their questions will go, making the visitors feel more confident that their inquiries will receive responses.

Also, note the location finder search bar in the top right. When you fill it out, the site prompts you to enter your zip code and county, then takes you to a locations page.

Window World's location finder

The locations page includes a map, your nearest store, and the store’s distance from you. With local companies like window and door businesses, clarifying your location and helping visitors find the nearest store is a critical conversion rate optimization technique.

Rite Window

Rite Window's page for awning windows

This window and door website example pulls from one of Rite Window’s product pages for awning windows. At the top of the page, the company showcases a promotion with a CTA and contact form, prompting visitors to act.

To the left of the contact form, Rite Window describes applications for awning windows that allow visitors to start visualizing the product in their homes right away. Below this description, the company shows off one of its beautiful products.

Rite Window's photo gallery

On the windows product page, the company includes a photo gallery. This gallery features photos of their employees and their work, helping visitors see proof of their high-quality services.

Window and door web design best practices

As you read through those window and door website examples, you might have noticed some commonalities. These similarities exist because they follow web design best practices.

To help you better picture what your company’s website should include, consider these web design tips:

  • Industry alignment: Every industry has different needs for its websites to fulfill. For example, your window and door website should showcase visual samples of your work. Many of the example sites also included an inspiration category in the main menu, as this topic aligns with your audience’s needs.
  • Responsive design: As more users visit websites on their phones, your site needs to be mobile-friendly. An affordable way to optimize your site for mobile devices is through responsive design, which automatically adapts your site’s content according to the user’s screen size.
  • Accessibility: To ensure everyone can access and enjoy your website, you need to design it with accessibility in mind. Follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to understand what accessible web design should include.
  • Navigation: For users to get the most out of your site, they need to navigate it efficiently. Keep your navigation design clean and intuitive to point users to the pages most valuable to them.
  • Optimized multimedia: Including photos and videos on your site keeps users engaged and showcases your past work. However, ensure you optimize your multimedia for load speed and accessibility.
  • CTAs: If you want your window and door website to drive conversions, you must include well-placed and well-designed CTAs. Look to existing window and door websites for inspiration!
  • SEO: Many elements of your site’s design impact its ranking in search engines. To help your site appear at the top of the search results for relevant keywords, keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind as you design it!

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