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Your website is the best place for you to communicate your window and door services to your audience, but getting your site seen by potential leads proves challenging. Many companies compete for placement at the top of the search results, so you might need an extra boost to outperform competitors.

With pay-per-click advertising (PPC), you can jump to the top of the search results for searches relevant to your business.

But how do you craft a PPC strategy for window and door companies that generates results? Between creating a compelling ad, targeting the right audience, and managing your bid for maximum return on investment (ROI), PPC is a complex process.

When you partner with a premier PPC agency like WebFX, we’ll handle your PPC management with data-backed strategies that drive meaningful results for your business. Keep reading to learn about PPC for window and door companies and how our services will grow your business.

Data-driven PPC services for window and door companies

PPC for window and door companies includes paid search ads alongside other PPC advertising mediums like social media. At WebFX, our team of 500+ digital marketing experts have experience running PPC campaigns across the board.

When you partner with us, you’ll receive access to the following PPC services for window and door businesses:

In addition to PPC services, we also offer other advertising services like social media advertising and geofencing.

Are you already running a PPC campaign for your window and door company? We’ll conduct an audit and optimize your campaign or create an all-new campaign tailored to your business’s needs.

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Types of PPC for window and door companies

With the multitude of PPC choices available, how do you determine which works best for your business? Each type of PPC ad carries distinct benefits for window and door companies. Here are the types of PPC ads you can run with us:

  • Google Ads: Google Ads drives four times as many clicks as paid search ads on other platforms. If you want to reach more searchers, Google Ads is the best starting point.
  • Google Local Services Ads: Google also generates many local searches. As a window and door company, you’ll likely generate the most qualified leads from the nearby area. Investing in Google Local Services ads will help you land at the top of the results for local searches.
  • Bing Ads: While Google has the most reach of any search engine, Bing Ads can supplement your Google PPC campaigns. If you want to expand your reach, consider adding Bing Ads to your strategy.
  • Remarketing ads: Remarketing is a type of ad targeting that allows you to reach people who previously visited your website. If you’re receiving ample site traffic but want to convert more of those visitors into leads, consider investing in remarketing.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing is another type of ad targeting that allows you to reach people nearby. Alongside Google Local Services Ads, geofencing can help your window and door company reach your area’s homeowners or business owners.
  • Social media ads: Social media for window and door companies helps increase your business’s brand awareness, and PPC ads can help you reach a broader audience on these competitive apps.

Our PPC strategy for window and door companies

Regardless of which PPC ad types you choose, we’ll employ a thorough management process to ensure your campaigns generate results.

Our PPC strategy for window and door companies includes eight components:

1. Keyword research

For your ads to work efficiently, you need them to reach the right people, and each platform has a unique set of targeting options.

As a window and door company, you might want to target homeowners, but you could dig deeper. Do you want to target homeowners near you or those with families? Do you want to target customers at the top of the sales funnel or those ready to buy?

With paid search ads, you can target your ads based on the keywords your audience uses to search. Because PPC platforms want to serve the most relevant ads to their users, you’ll need to choose the right keywords for each ad.

When you partner with our experts, we’ll research relevant, revenue-driving keywords for your PPC marketing.

For example, you might want to target “6×6 window replacement” or a similar keyword. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research to determine the most lucrative keywords for your company.

2. Competitor analysis

PPC advertising platforms contain ads from many companies like yours, and these platforms select the best ads to serve to searchers. As a result, PPC campaigns for window and door companies must begin with a thorough competitor analysis.

You need to know who you’re competing against and how their PPC strategy might overlap with your target audience so you can respond accordingly.

3. Custom copywriting

All strong ads must feature compelling writing. Your window and door PPC ad should persuade homeowners or other audience segments to learn more about your company.

With paid search, you want to persuade users to click through to your website, and once they arrive, you need a compelling landing page that convinces them to act.

Ad copywriting is not one-size-fits-all, so we provide custom writing aligned with your industry and business needs.

4. Ad testing

A robust PPC strategy for window and door companies should include ad testing. While research and expertise will create a strong foundation for your ads, the best way to choose the most strategic messaging strategy is to test it.

When we craft a PPC campaign for your business, we test our ads to ensure they’re the most effective ads for your company.

5. Bid management

When your company runs a PPC campaign, you select the bid amount you wish to pay per click. With Google Ads, the server determines which ad to show for a given searcher based on this bid and the ads’ quality.

To generate results from your PPC campaign, you need a bid strategy that aligns with:

  • Your PPC budget
  • Your keyword selection
  • The competitive landscape

Many keywords require a higher bid because they’re more competitive. For example, the average cost per click (CPC) for “window replacement Austin” is about $20 more than the average CPC for “door installation Austin.”

CPC for window and door austin keyword

Meanwhile, if you target a different location, such as Lubbock, the average CPC is much lower.

CPC for window and door lubbock keyword

While these examples depict average CPC and your actual CPC could vary widely, they show how much the optimal bid for different keywords can change.

Our PPC services for window and door companies involve managing your bids to ensure your ads continue to generate results, even as the competitive landscape evolves. We’ll help you set the right bid amount and adjust your bid to maximize your budget for more clicks without overpaying.

6. Campaign optimization

PPC for window and door companies is an ongoing process. The digital marketing world changes rapidly, so we optimize existing ads to help your campaigns continue driving leads and revenue. Our process includes optimizing each component of your PPC ad, from the copy to the targeting strategy.

7. Account management

One of the most complex aspects of PPC campaigns is your account setup. In Google Ads, your account includes campaigns and ad groups. To drive the most results from your campaigns, you need to establish strategic ad groups optimized for related keywords.

Our PPC services include adjusting your account settings for maximum effectiveness.

8. Data tracking and reporting

As with any digital marketing campaign, you must monitor your results to inform your strategy. PPC management services with WebFX include robust reporting through MarketingCloudFX, a premier PPC tracking and reporting software that allows you to see the PPC metrics that matter most to your business in one place.

Our experts analyze these PPC reports to run data-driven strategies that drive more leads and positively impact your window and door company’s bottom line.

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PPC can drive meaningful results for your business but getting there may require turning to advertising experts. To save you the time of learning the nuances of successful PPC management for your business, consider partnering with an industry-leading PPC agency that understands your needs.

At WebFX, our experts will handle your PPC strategy so you can spend more time engaging with clients and selling windows and doors. We’ve run 650 PPC campaigns for clients in various industries.

Given our experience in the home services industry, you will feel confident we understand the needs of companies like yours.

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