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Did you know that 94% of first impressions of your brand relate to your web design? That’s because your website is likely the first interaction potential customers will have will your exercise equipment company.

On this page, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of web design for exercise equipment companies, why it’s important, and discuss our top tips for designing a website that boosts sales and revenue for your business.

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What is web design for exercise equipment companies?

Web design for exercise equipment companies is the aesthetic appearance of your website. It can also refer to how the different pieces and parts of your website work together to create a successful online space for your company.

In other words, web design focuses on creating the look and style of your web pages, such as your home page and product pages, the navigation between your pages, and how your website will look and display on various types of devices.

Why is web design for exercise equipment companies important?

So, why is web design for exercise equipment companies important? Since your website is likely the first interaction a consumer will have with your brand, it’s essential to ensure your web design sets a great first impression.

Your web design can determine how easily visitors can find the information they need, browse your products, and make purchases.

An innovative and engaging website design can help you grab users’ attention and keep them on your website until they are ready to convert into paying customers.

Do you need even more convincing that web design is essential? Then check out these compelling statistics:

Chances are, if you’re not currently investing in ramping up your web design, your biggest competitors are. So, if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition, increase your rankings in search engines, and drive more traffic to your site, getting your web design up to scratch is a must.

4 web design tips for exercise equipment companies to design a website that drives sales and revenue

Now that you know why web design is essential, let’s dive into how you can design a website that drives sales and revenue for your business.

Here are our top four web design tips for exercise equipment companies:

1. Ensure your website reflects your exercise equipment company

Because your website is one of the first interactions consumers will have with your brand, it’s essential to ensure that your website reflects your exercise equipment company.

Be sure to choose a consistent color scheme and design that will make consumers think of your exercise equipment company. You should also include your company logo throughout your website to remind visitors of your business, too.

As a result, when users visit your website, they’ll be greeted with a colorful design and logo that reflects your company, helping you to increase your brand awareness.

2. Factor in mobile users

With more than 90% of consumers making purchases with their mobile devices, it’s essential to factor in mobile users when it comes to your web design. Billions of consumers research brands and purchase products with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

By implementing responsive design, you can ensure that your website displays and functions correctly on various devices. Without responsive design, your website might look strange or be missing essential elements on mobile devices, which can cause users to leave your site.

Your website’s mobile-friendliness can also impact your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That’s because search engines want to provide mobile users with websites that provide a positive user experience.

So, if you want to attract more mobile users to your website, keep visitors on your site, and boost your search engine rankings, implementing responsive design is critical.

3. Incorporate plenty of visual elements

Next on our list of web design tips for exercise equipment companies is to incorporate plenty of visuals throughout your website. That’s because users spend 88% more time on pages with videos and other types of visual content.

visuals web design for exercise equipment companies

Visual elements can consist of:

Including visuals throughout your website is an excellent way to break up large blocks of text and make your content easier to read and skim. Plus, visuals can help you grab your visitors’ attention and keep them engaged on your site for longer.

4. Create a functional navigation

Creating an easy-to-use website navigation is essential for creating a great user experience on your website. Your website navigation is one of the most important elements of your web design because it can determine how easily users can find the information they need.

navigation web design for exercise equipment companies

If your website visitors can’t find the products they need or easily browse your content, they might leave your site and shop with a competitor instead.

You can add links to your most important and popular pages at the top of your website, or include a drop-down menu with links to essential pages for a seamless navigation setup. Creating a functional navigation helps keep your website organized and keep users on your website, boosting your leads and sales as a result.

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