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The Best Analytics Platforms


Home The Best Analytics Platforms Analytics are critical to the success of any online marketing campaign – there’s no getting around it. The question then becomes: What’s the best way to track your analytics? Just like most areas of Internet […]

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Internet Analytics Consulting | Analytics Consultant – WebFX


Home Internet Analytics Consulting: Work With a Top Analytics Consultant Do you know exactly how your visitors interact with your website? Analytics Consulting from WebFX pinpoints the ways your best customers navigate through your site. We analyze your traffic and […]

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What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics Definition, Uses, Benefits, and More


Home What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics Definition, Uses, Benefits, and More Launched in 2005, Google Analytics quickly made its mark as the most popular web analytics tool in the world. View our Digital Services

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How to Perform a Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis


Home How to Perform a Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis Shopping cart abandonment can keep you from completing sales and earning revenue. But analyzing where shoppers slip through the cracks can help you accomplish more conversions. View our Digital Services

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What is Dwell Time?

Home What is Dwell Time? There is so much data and information available in the world of digital marketing that it’s tough to know what metrics are worth tracking and optimizing for, and which are “vanity metrics” and simply a […]

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Channel Attribution & Forecasting Services


Home Channel Attribution & Forecasting: Amplify Your Accuracy & ROI Put your data to work with channel attribution and forecasting services. Get actionable insights that make predicting sales and determining top marketing channels from billions of data points easy. Start […]

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Web Analytics Services: Find a Top Web Analytics Service Provider


Home Web Analytics Services: Find a Top Web Analytics Service Provider Subtle choices in your Internet marketing methods can shift your website’s performance, which is why it’s vital to notice and check every cog in your site’s performance. View our […]

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What is Click-Through Rate (CTR)? [Guide]


Home What Is Click-Through Rate (CTR)? [Guide] In paid online advertising, as well as online marketing, click-through rate (CTR) matters. View our Digital Services

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7 Awesome Google Analytics WordPress Plugins


Home 7 Awesome Google Analytics WordPress Plugins WordPress is a great place to host your website or create a blog. When you create your site, you want to be able to track your site’s analytics. Google Analytics WordPress plugins can […]

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What Is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics? (And How to Improve Yours)

Home What Is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics? (And How to Improve Yours) If you are relatively new to Google Analytics, you may have noticed the “bounce rate” metric associated with the content pages on your site, and are probably […]

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Learn about marketing analytics technology

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What is marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics refers to analyzing data to measure, evaluate, and manage marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize your business’s return on investment (ROI). By applying technology and analytical processes to marketing-related data, businesses can understand what drives consumer actions, refine their marketing campaigns, and increase their ROI.

Why is analytics important for digital marketing?

Analytics is important for digital marketing because it enables marketers to make data-driven decisions.

Analytics allows you to quantify the effects of the various techniques in your marketing strategy so that you can improve and optimize your campaigns.

With analytics, you can combine all of your marketing data in one place and improve your understanding of trends over time.

Learn more about the benefits of marketing analytics

How to get started with digital marketing analytics

How can you get started with marketing analytics? Here are a few essential steps to follow.

1. Set SMART goals for your marketing campaign

Setting goals helps you measure your progress and have a clear end in mind to aim for. To create more effective goals, use the SMART method by creating goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

2. Choose your marketing performance metrics

This will enable you to keep all your campaign data in one place and analyze performance. These metrics, or key performance indicators (KPIs), help you quantify your progress toward your goals.

3. Set up marketing performance measurement tools

Digital marketing efforts are Internet-based, so you have access to accurate, detailed information about how your campaigns perform. Some tools you can use include:

4. Start measuring your marketing performance

Once you have your marketing goals, metrics, and tools ready to go, start tracking your metrics. Tracking important marketing performance metrics will tell you what’s working in your campaign and what you need to change.

two marketers in a meetingWorking with a marketing analytics agency

Marketing analytics companies help you collect information about your website, marketing campaigns, and potential customers. They will also break that information down for you so you understand it.

Professional marketing analytics firms stay on top of the analytics industry so you don’t have to. This helps them ensure you have the most valuable data and insights available, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your marketing’s ROI.

It’s essential to choose the right marketing analytics company to help you make the most of your analytics and improve your marketing campaigns.

Learn more about working with marketing analytics companies

Get the inside scoop on marketing analytics services with the resources below. Learn what a marketing analytics company does, what services they offer, how to choose the right company to work with, and more. Plus, learn about the expert marketing analytics services we offer here at WebFX.

Marketing analytics for different types of businesses

The ideal analytics tools and techniques might differ depending on the type of business you run. Explore marketing analytics resources for various kinds of companies here:

Marketing analytics for B2C companies

Marketing analytics for B2B companies

Marketing analytics for SMBs

Marketing analytics for enterprise companies

Marketing analytics for ecommerce companies

Additional Channels and Strategies

Learn how to market (and measure) your company’s success with other digital marketing strategies, like content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, with the following resources!

Learn more about marketing analytics

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