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Your website is a crucial component for helping you get more travelers to your tourist destination. When people research and find places to travel, they check out your website to see if you’re the best fit. That’s why you must invest in tourism web design to ensure you deliver the best experience for your audience.

But if you don’t know where to start with tourism website design, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created this list of 25 tourism website design examples to help you get inspiration for sprucing up your website.

Keep reading to get inspired!

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25 tourism website design examples to inspire you

Ready to get inspired? Check out this list of tourism website designs to get inspiration for your website!

1. National Aquarium

Area of focus: Modern design

To start this list of tourism web designs, let’s first look at the National Aquarium. This Baltimore tourist attraction uses high-quality imagery to showcase what they offer at their aquarium.

Homepage for the National Aquarium featuring fish

The National Aquarium does a great job of creating a modern website design for their visitors. It’s a simplistic design that promotes their brand without overwhelming website visitors.

Scrolling down the National Aquarium website

Having a modern design helps show your website is current and up to date, so people will want to engage with it and get information from it.

2. Walt Disney World

Area of focus: Navigation

Next on this list of tourism website design examples, let’s look at Walt Disney World. This tourist attraction in Florida attracts millions of people each year who seek the thrill of the rides and the magic of the parks.

Homepage for Disney World

When you go on Disney World’s website, you’ll find that their navigation is intuitive and easy to use. They have broad categories at the top of the page for getting tickets, finding a place to stay, and more. Additionally, each tab has organized subcategories that make it easy to find the information you need.

Navigation bar on Disney's website

Creating an organized navigation makes it easy for website visitors to browse and find the information.

3. Field of Dreams Movie Site

Area of focus: Typography

Another one of the top tourism website designs comes from the Field of Dreams Movie Site. This tourist destination in Iowa attracts thousands of people who want to see the field from the movie Field of Dreams.

Homepage for Field of Dreams

One of the best features of their website is the typography. Not only does their logo match the film’s typography, but they also use stylistic fonts throughout their website to help enhance their branding.

Typography on Field of Dreams' website

 Using the right typography helps reinforce branding and create a positive user experience.

4. Kalahari Resorts

Area of focus: Logo

Next on this list of the best travel website designs, let’s look at Kalahari Resorts. This water park tourist destination is a popular place that people of all ages travel to for a fun adventure.

Homepage for Kalahari

Kalahari Resorts has numerous excellent web design aspects, but the most notable is its logo design. They have a prominent elephant logo accompanied by the stylistic font for their name.

Elephant logo at the top of Kalahri's website

It’s a unique logo design that helps to build their brand and make it memorable.

5. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Area of focus: Copywriting

If you’re looking for one of the top travel web designs, look at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website. This Ohio tourist attraction presents website visitors with the information they need to know about this place.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Website

One key aspect the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website does well is creating digestible copywriting. Their copywriting uses simple writing that’s easy to understand and avoids overusing jargon. It makes it easy for anyone who visits their website to understand the information.

Short copywriting about an exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Having clear and concise copywriting ensures your audience can read information on your website.

6. Mall of America

Area of focus: High-resolution images

To continue on this list of tourism website designs, let’s look at the Mall of America. This popular shopping destination includes numerous well-known stores, as well as an indoor amusement park.

Homepage for Mall of America

One of the most notable elements of the Mall of America website is the high-resolution images. When you scroll through their website, you see dozens of high-quality images representing their tourist destination.

Pictures of people throughout Mall of America's website

These high-quality images showcase their destination and engage visitors as they browse through the Mall of America website.

7. Sydney Opera House

Area of focus: Responsive design

One of the best travel website designs comes from the Sydney Opera House. This iconic opera house attracts over 10 million people every year who want to see dynamic artistic performances on one of the biggest stages.

Homepage for Sydney Opera House

One notable aspect of the Sydney Opera House’s website is their use of responsive design. No matter what device you use to access their website, it adjusts to provide the best browsing experience.

Scrolling through the mobile version of the Sydney Opera House website

Integrating responsive design ensures visitors can easily access a website whether using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

8. Smithsonian

Area of focus: Website speed

Need more inspiration from tourism website designs? Check out the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian is home to 21 museums in the Washington D.C. area that attract people of all interests to visit.

Homepage for Smithsonian

This tourist attraction has numerous great web design features, including fast-loading pages. If you want to explore what museums you can visit, you can access that information quickly.

Clicking on a link to the Smithsonian website and loading the homepage

A fast-loading website enables visitors to get information quickly and decide where to travel.

9. The French Quarter

Area of focus: White space

Next on this list of tourism web designs, let’s look at the French Quarter. This area is a popular tourist destination in Louisiana, attracting culture, food, and music lovers alike.

Homepage for the French Quarter

This website does a great job of using white space to keep the user focused on the information. As you scroll through their website, you see tons of white space that enables you to focus on the visuals and blog posts on their website.

Scrolling through the French Quarter website with white space on the edges

Integrating white space keeps users from feeling overwhelmed and distracted on websites, so they stay engaged.

10. Destination Gettysburg

Area of focus: Social media integration

If you want to see more tourism web designs, check out Destination Gettysburg. This tourist website helps travelers get all the information they need about traveling to this historic location.

Homepage for Gettysburg tourism

One thing Destination Gettysburg does well is integrating social media into their design. Integrating social media helps show people what it’s like to visit Gettysburg and gives them an inside look into the area.

Instagram photos featured on Gettysburg's website showing tourists

Integrating social media helps show potential visitors what they can expect when visiting your location.

11. The Hawaiian Islands

Area of focus: Interactive features

When looking at the best travel website designs for inspiration, check out the Hawaiian Islands. This popular tourist destination attracts hundreds of thousands of people looking for paradise for vacation.

Homepage for the Hawaiian Islands

This tourist attraction does a great job of providing interactive features that help website visitors learn more about this destination. They have a map on their website where users can click on a location on the island and learn more about that location.

Interactive map of the Hawaiian Islands

Creating interactive elements on your website helps keep prospects engaged and learning about the destination.

12. Kennedy Space Center

Area of focus: Authentic images

If you want to see more tourism website design examples, check out the Kennedy Space Center. This tourist attraction draws in thousands of people wanting to explore all things space.

Homepage for Kennedy Space Center

When you browse through the Kennedy Space Center’s website, you’ll notice that they use tons of authentic imagery throughout their website. They feature everything from the inside of their center to people visiting.

Scrolling through the Kennedy Space Center website

These authentic images give visitors a better insight into what they can expect when they visit. It also helps to build an authentic brand image for the tourist attraction.

13. Graceland

Area of focus: Call to action (CTA) buttons

To get more travel web design inspiration, check out Graceland. Graceland is a tourist destination for Elvis lovers around the globe.

Homepage for Graceland

One area Graceland does well is their call to action (CTA) buttons. As you look through their website, you see numerous bright orange CTA buttons that catch your attention and draw you in.

Orange call to action button with the text "Buy Tickets"

Having CTA buttons that stand out will help direct people to the actions you want them to take.

14. Colonial Williamsburg

Area of focus: Branding

To continue on this list of tourism website design examples, let’s look at Colonial Williamsburg. This tourist destination shares tons of information about their historical site.

Hoempage for Colonial Williamsburg website

When you browse Colonial Williamsburg’s website, you can see their historic branding throughout their website. From the colonial-focused imagery to their stylized logo font, they build their branding through their design.

Scrolling through Colonial Williamsburg website

Integrating your tourist destination’s branding throughout your website helps to build recognition and get visitors to remember you.

15. Pike Place Market

Area of focus: Interactive design elements

Want to see more examples of tourism website designs? Check out Pike Place Market. This public market is a staple within the Seattle community and attracts tourists every year.

Homepage for Pike Place Market

One element Pike Place Market does well is their interactive elements. When you scroll down to the explore section of their homepage, you see the different amenities they offer. When you hover over each arrow, it flickers like a store’s “open” sign.

Moving graphics on Pike Place website

Adding these interactive elements makes your website more engaging, all while helping build your website’s brand.

16. Navy Pier

Area of focus: Video integration

If you want to see one of the best travel web designs, check out Navy Pier. This website uses high-quality visuals and custom graphics to create an engaging presentation of their tourist attraction.

Homepage for Navy Pier

Navy Pier does a great job integrating videos into their website’s design. The minute you enter their website, you see videos of what you can expect when visiting their pier. These high-quality visuals engage website visitors and give them insight into the attraction.

Moving video showing different aspects of the Navy Pier

Using videos is a great way to create an engaging experience on your website and keep people interested in learning about your tourist attraction.

17. The Eiffel Tower

Area of focus: Above the fold

Want to see more tourism web designs? Then check out the Eiffel Tower’s website. This famous Paris tourist destination uses numerous visuals to catch the attention of their website visitors.

Homepage for the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower website does a great job of catching people’s attention above the fold. As soon as you enter their website, you see a time-lapse of the tower from day to night.

Time lapse of the Eiffel tower going from day to night

Catching your audience’s attention above the fold helps draw people in and keep them engaged with your website.

18. Hershey Park

Area of focus: CTA text

One of the best tourism web designs comes from Hershey Park. This tourist attraction is a thrill-seeker and chocolate-lover’s ideal destination for a trip.

Homepage for Hershey Park

Hershey Park has numerous great features on their website, including their CTA text. When you see call to action buttons on their website, the text is direct and tells people what happens if they click on the button.

Orange call to action button with "Buy Tickets Now" text

Having clear calls to action helps generate more clicks and conversions for your business.

19. 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Area of focus: Readability

Looking for more tourism website design inspiration? Check out the 9/11 Memorial & Museum website. This New York tourist attraction serves as a place to learn and remember the tragic events of 9/11.

Homepage for 9/11 Memorial Museum

When scrolling through the museum’s website, the information is easy to read. They use prominent headings and short paragraphs to provide information to visitors. They also integrate images to help break up text and provide relief to users’ eyes.

Scrolling through the 9/11 Memorial Museum's website

Making your website readable is crucial for keeping visitors engaged and learning about your tourist destination.

20. The Louvre

Area of focus: Search bar

To continue on this list of tourism website design examples, check out the Louvre. The Louvre is a historic museum that attracts tourists from around the world who want to see famous paintings like the Mona Lisa.

Homepage for the Lourve

One great feature of the Lourve website is the search bar. They integrated a search bar into their navigation, making it easy for website visitors to search for what interests them most.

Searching for Mona Lisa using the Lourve's search feature

Having a search feature is crucial to ensure website visitors find the information they need.

21. Anne Frank House

Area of focus: Design consistency

For more travel web design ideas, check out Anne Frank House. This Amsterdam tourist attraction drives people from all over the globe to learn about Anne Frank and her diary.

Homepage for Anne Frank House

One thing you’ll want to note about the Anne Frank House is that it uses consistent design throughout. The red and white colors are integrated throughout their website’s design to bring a consistent look and feel no matter the page.

Red accents appearing as the user interacts with the Anne Frank House website

A consistent design is crucial for building the professionalism and appeal of your website.

22. Space Needle

Area of focus: User experience

Another of the best travel website designs is the Space Needle website. The minute you enter their website, you’re greeted by a beautiful city-view photo of this tourist attraction.

Homepage for the Space Needle

This website provides a great user experience for visitors who want to learn about this attraction. They display their hours of operation right at the top and include a CTA button to buy tickets to the attraction. It makes it easy for visitors to get the information they need and to buy tickets fast.

Still image of the Space Needle with the daily hours and a button to buy tickets featured at the top

Thinking about the user when designing your website will ensure they have a positive experience and stay engaged with your business.

23. Luna Park

Area of focus: Accessibility

Next on this list of travel web designs, let’s look at Luna Park’s website. This park, located at the famous Coney Island, is a place where people go to have fun.

Homepage for Luna Park

One great feature of this tourist attraction’s website is its accessibility. They offer an accessibility feature that makes it easy for people to alter the website for a better browsing experience.

Accessibility menu bar on Luna Park's website

Making your website accessible is crucial for ensuring everyone has a positive experience on your website.

24. Dollywood

Area of focus: Review integration

To continue on this list of tourism website designs, let’s look at Dollywood. This Tennessee tourist location offers everything from rides to music to must-have eats.

Homepage for Dollywood

Dollywood does a great job of integrating reviews into the website that indicate what it’s like to visit their location. It helps website visitors gain insight into Dollywood and all it offers.

Scrolling feature with reviews from patrons who visited Dollywood

Integrating reviews helps build trust and get people to visit your tourist attraction.

25. Kent County Tourism Corporation

Area of focus: Search engine optimization (SEO)

To wrap up this list of tourism web designs, let’s look at one of our client’s, Kent County Tourism Corporation, website. This tourism website helps people discover all Delaware has to offer.

Homepage for Kent County Tourism

When you build your website, it’s crucial that you integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into it to help it rank in search results. When they partnered with us, we helped them optimize their website to rank better in search results.

As a result of our SEO efforts, Kent County Tourism Corporation saw a:

  • 167% increase in contact form submissions
  • 109% increase in click-through rate (CTR)

Optimizing your website for search engines helps more people discover your beautiful website in search results and attract more leads.

Feeling inspired by these tourism website design examples?

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