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In 2023, the cabinet and vanity manufacturing industry is expected to increase by 2.5% and reach almost $18 billion in revenue. Implementing marketing strategies can help cabinet companies benefit from the increasing consumer demand from residential and commercial properties. 

Offering engaging and informative content attracts website visitors, providing a way to compete with other brands. You can increase your lead generation by using digital marketing techniques to provide the answers shoppers need.

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1. Optimize your website

Google uses an algorithm to determine which websites for cabinet manufacturers appear the most relevant and credible. The highest-ranking sites appear on the first page of search results, where about 75% of Internet users click on links instead of exploring the second or third page and beyond. 

A website design with search engine optimization (SEO) helps you stand out from the competition. Some choices in your design and content can improve your search ranking on Google, so your brand appears before others in search results and allows you to gain more leads from traffic. Some essential components of an optimized site include: 

  • Responsive design: An integration for a responsive website allows your site to adapt to the best formats for screens of different sizes, such as mobile phones, tablets, or desktops.
  • Targeted keywords: Using valuable words and phrases triggers the Google algorithm to show your site as relevant and drives better results for your content.
  • Internal linking: A hyperlink to your related pages keeps Internet users on your site longer as they read more about a topic, while allowing Google to discover these pages and index them in the search results. 
  • Easy readability: Your site’s overall appearance should offer an excellent first impression with the right font size and text color and short paragraphs with bullet points. 
  • Fast load time: Compressed images allow you to increase your page speed, so you keep Internet users engaged with your website’s content.

2. Use social media platforms

In 2022, the average person spends about 145 minutes a day scrolling on social media, navigating pages they follow, suggested accounts to follow, and advertising. Customers and influencers can engage with companies using likes, comments, polls, and feedback, plus clicking on content with links.

Relevant and professional content helps cabinet manufacturers build brand awareness on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can gain more followers and subscribers and increase leads on your site by regularly posting content, such as:

  • Images and videos: A high-quality representation of your cabinetry products and services through photos and videos allows social media users to see close-up details in an engaging way. 
  • Design inspiration: Promoting your work from past clients shows examples of how customers can upgrade their own homes or businesses with your cabinetry. 
  • Tips for designing spaces: A helpful post about how to measure sizing for cabinetry, pick out colors, and decide on a style provides great customer service and assistance so that people feel more persuaded to pick your brand over others. 
  • Behind-the-scenes content: Share the process of sourcing, making, or installing cabinetry to build trust with your potential clients and show you’re a professional, credible company. 
  • Details about your company: Making posts that include brand storytelling about your company’s history and values can make social media users feel more connected to your business so they turn into prospects.

3. Provide valuable tools and content

Putting informational content on your website provides rewarding results. About 63% of shoppers perform research before they buy a product. Learning about your cabinetry helps a site visitor convert into a lead, who then builds interest and desire before taking action in the sales funnel.

In the cabinetry industry, engaging or interactive content can provide a way for shoppers to learn more about styles, materials, and prices. Increase leads and conversions with these methods:

  • 3D simulator: A tool providing high-quality graphic design on your site allows shoppers to get inspiration for their dream renovation. They can customize a room’s dimensions and factors to see how cabinets look in a kitchen, bathroom, or other space.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): The ability to see how cabinets look in a photographed version of a room with realistic sizing offers a quick way to see which products look best. A shopper can feel confident enough to finalize a purchase. 
  • Virtual showroom: Clicking on arrows and digital tour displays provides an engaging experience for customers and offers a convenient way to see a company’s cabinets rather than visiting a store in person. 
  • Price calculator: The cost of your cabinetry varies per project, so providing a way to calculate the price based on the product type, size, and quantity offers a valuable tool for customers to plan when budgeting or moving forward with a purchase. 
  • Online brochure: A digital pamphlet allows customers to flip through pages of excellent copywriting and photographs of your cabinetry to get inspired and discover products they like. 
  • Blog posts: Publishing informative posts on your site builds your credibility in the cabinetry industry and helps readers learn more, converting them into leads. 

Want help generating leads for your cabinet manufacturing business?

If you’d like to start increasing traffic to your site and converting those visitors into leads, let the strategists at WebFX help. With a hands-on approach to digital marketing, we continue to exceed client expectations with over 1,100 happy testimonials for our comprehensive services. 

So far, we’ve generated over 24 million leads for our clients with award-winning strategies. We can work with your cabinetry manufacturing company to customize a marketing strategy so that you see effective results with more sales and revenue.

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