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When people want to find a reliable and trustworthy plumber, they turn to the Internet to help them find one. That’s why you must create a beautiful design for your website and make a good impression on visitors.

But knowing where to start with your web design can be tricky, so we created this list of 21 plumbing website design examples to help you get ideas. Keep reading to get inspired with designing your website!

And if you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start, WebFX can help. We have a team of over 500 web design experts that know how to craft websites that boost your bottom line. Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our web design services!

21 plumbing website designs that stand out

Ready to see some web design examples for plumbers and get inspired? Here are 21 plumbing websites you can look at to get ideas for your website’s design!

1. Impetus Plumbing and Heating

Areas of focus: Color scheme, service map

First on this list of plumbing website designs is Impetus Plumbing and Heating. One aspect this plumbing company does well is integrating their brand’s unique color scheme into their design.

When scrolling through their homepage, you can see their black and gold color scheme integrated throughout the page. This design is consistent throughout every page of their website.

Homepage for Impetus Plumbing

In addition to the design, Impetus Plumbing and Heating also has another great feature: Their service map. Website visitors can interact with this map by zooming in and out to see if this plumber operates in their area.

Brown and yellow service map showing where Impetus provides plumbing services

2. Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works

Areas of focus: Logo, call to action (CTA) buttons

Next on this list of plumbing website design examples is Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works. This plumbing website’s design is simple, with two notable features.

When you enter Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works’ website, you see their logo at the top of the page. Their logo is prominent, unique to their business, and fits within the business’s branding. It’s a memorable logo that stands out to website visitors.

Navigation bar for Atlas plumbing showing their custom logo

They also have call to action (CTA) buttons that stand out on the page. The blue CTA button stands out on the white background of their website.

Blue call to action button on a white background inviting visitors to get a quote

3. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Areas of focus: Navigation bar, service graphics

Another of the best plumber website design examples comes from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. This plumbing website does a great job of implementing the brand’s color scheme throughout their website to create a cohesive experience. But most notably, they have excellent navigation.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has an organized and easy-to-use navigation bar at the top of their website. They use broad headings and have all their pages organized under those headings.

Navigation bar at the top of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing's website

Additionally, this plumbing company does a great job presenting their services in a digestible way. They created a section with graphics showcasing the services they offer.

List of services on Benjamin Franklin's website

4. Black Diamond Plumbing

Areas of focus: Responsive design, readability

Next on this list of web design examples for plumbers is Black Diamond Plumbing. Black Diamond has numerous great features on their website, but we want to focus on two: Responsive design and readability.

If you access Black Diamond Plumbing’s website on a mobile device, it adapts to fit the screen. This view provides a better browsing experience for people who visit on mobile and ensures they can visit the website with ease.

Mobile version of Black Diamond's website

You can see how that compares to the desktop version of their website.

Desktop version of Black Diamond's website

In addition to having a responsive design, Black Diamond also does a great job of making their website copy readable. If you look at their About Us page, for example, they have small paragraphs of text and utilize bulleted lists to make the information easy to read.

Short paragraphs of text with bulleted lists and red headings

5. The Pink Plumber

Areas of focus: Graphics, unique selling points (USPs)

Another one of the best plumber website designs comes from The Pink Plumber. Not only does The Pink Plumber have a pink-filled design to draw people in, but it also has numerous other great elements, including their graphics and unique selling points (USPs).

When entering The Pink Plumber’s website, there is an interactive graphic at the top of the page that immediately catches visitors’ eyes. The graphic moves as website visitors hover over it and see the different articles they can check out.

Graphics of two water heaters with icons that, when clicked on, provide helpful tips

When you scroll further down the homepage, you can see their unique selling points integrated into their design. They highlight selling points like their BBB rating and Google reviews.

Selling points on Pink Plumber's website

6. Penguin Air, Plumbing, & Electrical

Areas of focus: Forms, CTA text

To continue on this list of plumber website designs, let’s look at Penguin Air, Plumbing, and Electrical. There are numerous great aspects of this plumbing company, like their eye-catching design and use of imagery. What they do exceptionally well, though, is create effective forms and informative CTA text.

When you enter their website, you see a form at the top of the page for requesting an appointment. This form is super simple, requiring, at a minimum, that you provide your name, phone number, and what you need.

Purple contact form on Penguin Electrical's website asking for a name, email, phone number, and what they need help with

Penguin Air, Plumbing, and Electrical also does a great job of creating informative CTA buttons. They use actionable phrases like “request appointment” and “schedule service,” so you know what to expect when you click the CTA buttons.

A green call to action button and a purple call to action button at the top of Penguin's website

7. Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Areas of focus: Search bar, branded design

If you’re looking for a great plumbing website design example, check out Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Numerous things stand out about Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s website, including their navigation bar and color scheme.

When you look at their navigation bar, you see broad headings that organize the pages on the website. Most notably, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has a search bar as part of their navigation, allowing people to search for the information they need.

Red navigation bar on Mr. Rooter's website

Additionally, Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s website incorporates their brand’s colors throughout their website. The red and blue color scheme carries throughout every page and builds a branded image of their plumbing company while creating a consistent look.

Red and blue web design integrated throughout Mr. Rooter's website

8. Absolute Plumbing

Areas of focus: Cohesive design, integration of visuals

When looking at plumber website design examples, check out Absolute Plumbing for inspiration. There are numerous great aspects of Absolute Plumbing’s design that make it one of the best plumber website designs.

First, Absolute Plumbing does a great job of integrating their brand’s colors throughout the design. As you scroll through their website, their red, white, and blue color scheme is prominent throughout.

Absolute Plumbing website

Additionally, they do a great job of integrating visuals throughout their website’s design. As soon as you enter their website, you see a moving graphic showing one of their employees at work.

Graphics on Absolute Plumbing's website

9. GM Plumbing Corporation

Areas of focus: White space, high-quality images

When looking for inspiration from plumber website designs, check out GM Plumbing Corporation. Aside from their inviting blue and white color scheme, GM Plumbing uses white space and high-quality images to make their website more engaging.

As you scroll through GM Plumbing Corporation’s website, you can see a lot of blank space. This white space enables people to focus on the information and visuals on the website without being overwhelmed.

Homepage for GM Plumbing showing use of whitespace

In addition to white space, GM Plumbing Corporation also uses numerous high-quality images to help enhance their site.

Photos of plumbing on GM Plumbing's website

10. The Irish Plumber, Inc.

Areas of focus: Simple design, branded elements

Next on our list of plumber website design examples, let’s look at The Irish Plumber, Inc. This plumbing website proudly displays their green, black, and white colors throughout the website. The Irish Plumber, Inc. is a great example of how you can create a simple design with branded features.

When you scroll through their website, you can see the simplicity of their design. It has nice visuals, readable text, and prominent CTA buttons.

Scrolling through The Irish Plumber's website

The Irish Plumber Inc. also does a great job of including branded elements within their design. When they list the highlights of their business, for example, they use clover icons as part of their bulleted list. It’s a small touch, but it helps enhance the branded experience.

11. Tundra Plumbing

Areas of focus: Font choices, photo gallery

When looking at web design examples for plumbers, check out Tundra Plumbing. Their cool blue and gray design isn’t the only quality aspect of their website.

Tundra Plumbing does a great job of using readable fonts on their website — also known as web-safe fonts. When you scroll through their website, you can easily read the text on their page because the font is clear.

Stylistic fonts on Tundra Plumbing's website

In addition to clear font, Tundra Plumbing has numerous great features in their design, including a photo gallery. Prospective customers can visit this gallery and browse photos of the Tundra Plumbing team’s work.

Scrolling through a gallery of photos of projects Tundra has completed

12. Go Green Plumbing

Areas of focus: Icons, navigation coloring

Next on this list of plumber website designs, let’s look at Go Green Plumbing. Go Green Plumbing’s green design appears throughout their website and builds their brand image. Aside from their design colors, this company uses icons and navigation coloring to enhance the user experience.

When you scroll through their homepage, you see numerous icons that enhance the text on their page. They use price tags when talking about pricing, a building icon when talking about being local, and more.

Scrolling through Go Green's plumbing website and icons on their website

In addition to their icons, they also use navigation coloring to help people understand where they are on their website. As you click on different page headings, they turn green to let people see which page they’re seeing information on.

13. MidCity Plumbers

Areas of focus: Website security, graphics

If you want inspiration from plumbing website designs, check out MidCity Plumbers. MidCity Plumbers has two stand-out features on their website ­­— their website security and use of graphics.

When you enter MidCity Plumbers’ website, you see a lock icon at the top of the page. That means their website is secure and any information you share with them, like if you fill out a form, is protected.

Padlock next to MidCity's website URL

MidCity Plumbers also does a great job of using graphics to draw users’ eyes toward important information. They use an arrow graphic, for example, to get people to book an estimate with them.

Arrows pointing towards a button to book an estimate

14. Guest Plumbing & HVAC

Areas of focus: Contact information, moving graphics

Next on this list of plumber website designs is Guest Plumbing & HVAC. This plumbing website is a great example for two reasons: The display of contact information and the moving graphics.

When you enter Guest Plumbing & HVAC’s website, you immediately see their contact information. They offer a phone number at the top and bottom of the screen to make it easy for people to reach out to them.

Blue "Contact Us" button at the top of the page accompanied by a phone number in red

There’s also an option to book an appointment to have a professional come out as soon as possible. This feature appears on every page so that prospects can find the information they need, decide, and book an appointment immediately.

Dark blue call to action button inviting users to book an appointment

Guest Plumbing & HVAC also has numerous moving graphics on their website that move as you scroll. It creates an engaging website that keeps users wanting to scroll.

Scrolling down Guest Plumbing's website

15. Superior Plumbing

Areas of focus: Qualifications, eye-catching elements

When looking at web design examples for plumbers, don’t forget to check out Superior Plumbing! Aside from their eye-catching blue and yellow design, they also do a great job integrating their qualifications and eye-catching elements.

Superior Plumbing integrated graphics showing their various qualifications, including being Trust Dale certified. Integrating these components into their design shows prospects they’re qualified and trustworthy.

Qualification icons integrated on Superior Plumbing's website

Superior Plumbing also does a great job integrating eye-catching elements into their website. When you scroll down their page, they have a counter that starts running:

Moving number counter that's counting up on how many toilets Superior has unclogged and years of experience

This counter shows the number of toilets unclogged, their team’s combined years of experience, and how many children they’ve taken to local events (they have a kids club for plumbing).

It’s an engaging way to present information about their business.

16. Fortified Plumbing

Areas of focus: Modern design, page speed

Another one of the top plumber website designs comes from Fortified Plumbing. When looking at Fortified Plumbing’s website, you’ll immediately notice their sleek and modern design. It’s a simple design, but it doesn’t feel outdated.

Scrolling through Fortified Plumbing's website to reveal a modern, black and gray design

Fortified Plumbing’s website also loads quickly. Whether you visit their website from Google or browse pages on their website, the pages load quickly, so you can get the information fast.

Clicking on Fortified Plumbing's website in Google and loading their homepage

17. A-Total Plumbing

Areas of focus: Chatbox, interactive graphics

Another one of the best web design examples for plumbers is A-Total Plumbing. Not only does this plumbing website do a great job of integrating their brand’s colors throughout, but they also have a lot of great web design features — especially their chatbox and interactive graphics.

When you enter their website, you immediately see a chatbox to ask questions. It makes it easy for visitors to connect with someone and ask questions.

Red and white customer service chat box on A Total's website

They also have great interactive elements on their website. This plumber features a graphic called “Where in Your Home Are Your Plumbing Problems?” Visitors can click on the areas they have issues with and get information on how A-Total-Plumbing can help with issues in that room!

3-D Rendering of a house with room names highlighted showing the plumbing problems that can exist

18. O’Neill Plumbing Co.

Areas of focus: Authentic imagery, testimonials

Next on this list of plumbing website design examples, let’s look at O’Neill Plumbing Co. This plumber has a timeless design that catches your eye the minute you enter their website. But that’s not the only notable aspect ­— they also have authentic images to enhance their design.

As soon as you enter their website, you see images at the top of the page that capture the longevity of their company.

O'Neill homepage showcasing a slideshow of images from back inn the day to today of their company's truck

These high-quality images show the rich history of the company and how they’ve provided services for over a hundred years.

O’Neill Plumbing Co. also integrates testimonials into their design to show website visitors why they’re a great option.

Shuffling carousel of testimonials about O'Neill

19. Roscoe Brown

Areas of focus: Pricing, reviews

Roscoe Brown is another one of the best plumbing website designs to look at for inspiration. Their website has dozens of great features, but we’ll focus on these two: Their pricing and their reviews.

When you look at Roscoe Brown’s plumbing services, you can see that they detail pricing for specific evaluation and installation services. While they can’t detail the exact cost of repairs, they give insight into how much it costs to evaluate problems and what that process looks like.

This feature is great for those who visit their website because it gives them an idea of whether Roscoe Brown is an affordable option to evaluate their plumbing issue.

Pricing blocks with images showcasing each service and the estimated cost

Roscoe Brown also does a great job making their business’s reviews accessible. When you enter their website, you can see a Google reviews box near the top, so people can see what others say.

Google Reviews button integrated into Roscoe Brown's website

 Roscoe Brown also includes a section on “what our customers are saying” which highlights more reviews of their business.

Scrolling carousel of reviews on Roscoe Brown's website

20. FD Plumbing & Heating

Areas of focus: Forms, graphics

Next on this list of web design examples for plumbers is FD Plumbing & Heating. This London-based plumbing company has numerous great features on their website, including their use of forms and graphics.

FD Plumbing & Heating uses a simple form for people to get a quote for their project. People share their information and problems they have, then submit their quotes. It’s straightforward, making for an easy submission process.

Submission form on FD Plumbing's website asking questions

Additionally, FD Plumbing & Heating does a great job integrating graphics into their design. They feature the London skyline as part of their footer, which adds some flair to their website.

Black graphic of the London skyline at the bottom of FD plumbing's website

21. Quix Plumbing Service

Areas of focus: CTA buttons, video

When looking for plumber website design examples, check out Quix Plumbing Service.

One notable element of this plumber is their use of distinguished CTA buttons. As we mentioned earlier, your CTA buttons need to stand out on the page so that people don’t miss them. Quix Plumbing Service takes that a step further:

Red and blue CTA buttons on Quix's website for services

They have multiple CTAs on their page but create a distinguished CTA for their emergency plumbing services. This red CTA button stands out. It catches prospects’ attention immediately, especially if they have a plumbing emergency and need to immediately call someone.

In addition to their stand-out CTA buttons, Quix Plumbing Service also does a great job integrating video into their website design. They integrate videos into their services to help people better understand their approach and what they do.

Purple video on what Quix does

Recap: What do I need for a good plumbing website?

As we covered each of these plumbing website design examples, we shared specific elements that make those plumbing websites great. Here’s a recap of some must-have elements for your plumbing web design:

  • Branded color scheme
  • Simple design
  • Readable font
  • Text paragraphs limited to 2–3 lines
  • Noticeable and actionable CTA buttons
  • Informative copywriting
  • Authentic, high-quality images
  • Testimonials and accolades
  • Interactive and eye-catching elements
  • Website security

You’ll want to have all these elements on your website to ensure you deliver the best experience for your audience.

Feeling inspired by these plumbing website design examples?

You can look at numerous great plumber website designs for inspiration for your website. After looking at all those examples, though, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about everything you need to include in your website. That’s where a team of web design professionals like WebFX can help.

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